Mini Monets and Mommies: April 2017

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Kids' Craft Felt Easter Eggs

Are you looking for a last-minute kids’ Easter art activity? Well, this one is super-simple – and tons of fun too! With some craft felt scraps, and a few googley eyes, your kiddo can get artsy and make these textured eggs.

Craft felt

2D Easter Eggs

Okay, everyone knows that making those colorful eggs is a major part of Easter. At least, for kids. Even if you’ve got the food coloring, glitter, stickers and anything else you need to make the eggs (try dyeing them with jelly beans), your child can still try this two-dimensional craft.

Your child has a few different options when it comes to these eggs. There’s a permanent craft, in which she’ll use glue. Or, you can take a DIY felt board approach. To make the felt board, simply glue a paper-sized sheet of craft felt to a piece of cardboard. Reuse the front of a cereal or cracker box instead of buying new board. The felt eggs will stick to the felt on the board, making it a completely reusable craft.

Learning and Development

So, what will your kiddo learn?

·         Fine motor skills – scissor skills, eye-hand coordination

·         Color recognition and identification

·         Math – shapes, counting, patterns

·         Creative thought

·         Problem-solving


·         Craft felt – use craft felt sheets (paper-sized) and/or leftover scraps

·         Scissors

·         Googley eyes

·         School glue

How-To Activity Steps

1. Cut the felt into egg-shaped ovals.
Childrens crafts

2. Create smaller-sized shapes. Your child can cut apart scraps that are left over from other projects. Ask your child to name the shapes she’s cutting out and name the colors.
Kids crafts

3. Press the smaller shapes onto the eggs. Add in an extra math lesson, and have your child count the pieces as she’s putting them on the eggs. If she’s making this a permanent piece of art, glue the pieces on. Your child can make patterns, stack the shapes (creating new textures) or even make an Easter chick.

4. Glue the googley eyes on top of the felt pieces. If your child is making this a reusable activity, make sure she glues them directly onto the egg.

Kids art

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