Mini Monets and Mommies: DIY Felt Board for Kids

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

DIY Felt Board for Kids

I’m a fan of the DIY felt board. I had forgotten how much fun these homemade learning tools are for kids. A few years ago I spent the summer teaching a library-based literacy and art class for children. I made the felt board so that the children could create cute collages, without making a total mess in the library (as it turns out they frown upon puddles of glue near the books).

Shape art
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Making your own version at home is super-simple, and you can use it to teach almost anything that you want. Ok, not anything. But, you can use it for basic math lessons that include shape, pattern or number recognition as well as learning about letters. You can also make your own felt shapes to teach your child about the continents, the geography of your country, the human body, the plant life-cycle or even make themed felt sets such as Dr.Seuss or holidays.
Counting Activity

In this activity I made a few geometric shapes. Your child can combine them to make a picture, reinforcing the concept of part-to-whole.

To make the DIY felt board, here’s what you’ll need:

·        A piece of thick cardboard – I used the side of a moving box. Cut the cardboard to whatever size you want (or have room for).

·        Felt – Those notebook paper-sized sheets they sell at craft stores won’t cut it. You’ll need a piece that wraps all the way around your cardboard. Look for felt fabric or bulk rolls of it.

·        Scissors

·        Packing tape

Here’s what to do:

Felt Board
1.     Cut the cardboard into a rectangle shape.

2.     Wrap the felt around the cardboard.

3.     Cut the felt to fit, making sure it wraps all the way around the cardboard rectangle.

4.     Wrap the rectangle, present-style.

5.     Secure the felt in the back with packing tape.

DIY crafts
And, you’re done! Now you’re ready to have your child help you to make some shapes and collage them together.

1.     Cut a few different shapes from craft felt sheets (this time you can use the notebook-sized pieces they sell at craft stores).

2.     Stick the felt onto the board – it will stay put.

Kids' art
3.     Have your child move the pieces, puzzling them together into houses, trees and other pictures.
Kids' activity

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  1. Fuzzy felts was one of my favourite childhood games, I love this idea to make your own. #Pintorials

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