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About and Contact Me

Hi! I'm a mom (to a now-teenage boy), arts educator and former preschool teacher. I've also worked in early childhood program evaluation for the past few years. This has given me the chance to see pre-k programs in action, talk extensively to teachers about what they do and what they are looking for in a curriculum and read more lesson plans than I can even tell you about. I've taught kids from toddlers to teens in museums, schools and community organizations. My absolutely favorite kind of teaching is in museums. I have an MS in Applied Developmental Psychology (child development) and a BA in art history.

While my son is sadly too old to think that my arts and crafts activities are fun (or cool), I still enjoy coming up with new ideas. Much of what you'll find on Mini Monets and Mommies comes straight from my preschool art classes.

I'm always available for consulting or to help you create a lesson/activity!

Over the years I've contributed to a variety of online and in-print publications. If you're looking for a guest post, contributor or freelancer, send me an email with the details. Here are a few articles/posts that I've written for sites other than mine:

PBS Parents Adventures in Learning, Soap Finger Paint
Scary Mommy, You Showed Up. Here's a Trophy!
What to Expect, Word of Mom, Being Pregnant Over 40 Is Becoming More Common
Modern Mom, Importance of Finger Painting in Preschool, Sock Bunny!

Do you have a question, comment that doesn't fit with a specific post or request? Do you want permission to use a photo or a post? Feel free to contact me at minimonetsandmommies at gmail dot com

Mom and son

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