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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A-B-C's of ART! Alphabet Art Ideas for Preschoolers

About a million years ago I self-published an e-book on kids’ alphabet art activities. Ok, so it was more like four years ago, but looking back it seems like a totally other life. My (now teen) son was still shorter than me, I was teaching children’s art classes at my local museum on an almost full-time basis, I was just kicking off a career freelance writing and the thought  of being a blogger wasn’t even on my radar.
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Alphabet crafts

I’m not sure why, but I decided to look up my old e-book. What did I discover?

1.     I was a major slacker when it came to self-promotion.

2.     I hadn’t even thought of the idea of using social media as a marketing tool (apparently, four years ago I just expected parents and preschool teachers to flock to my book – they didn’t).

3.     I thought that a generic black and white cover would somehow be ok and attract buyers (it didn’t and has since been changed).

4.     I actually wrote some pretty kick ass activities. I tested all of these letter learning-artsy adventures out on the children who I worked with at the museum (my son, even then, was so past doing art with his mom that I wanted to cry). I was also working for an arts organization that sent visiting artists to preschool classrooms. So, I was able to use some of those ideas in my activities.

If you are looking for an A – Z of art projects, please take a look. When I re-evaluated the look and content I also dropped the price (again, I have no idea what I was thinking, and had evidently priced it way, way, way too high on the first time around).  It includes an introduction that explains product vs. process and each activity includes a description, materials list, ways for an adult (parent or teacher) to help the child learn and ways to extend it into other non-art areas such as math or science.

Whether you take a look at my book (by the way, it’s called the A-B-C’s of A-R-T!) or not I’m including a few letter-learning art activities that you can try with your kids. These aren’t in the book, but they are some of my favorites from more recent days.

Letter Crafts

Letter Art
Pink and Purple Paint Print for Kids: Letter P

Purple Craft
Printing Letters: A Paint Project for Artsy Kids

Letter Art
Learning Letters: Make An Alphabet Sculpture



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  1. Promoting anything takes a lot of work. Things have changed in 4 years making it a bit easier, but there is still a lot of work involved in promoting an e-book

    1. It really does. The promotion may just take more time than the actual writing did!

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