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Monday, July 7, 2014

Princess Party Ideas for Kids

I have a son, so princess parties are sort of out of the question. That said, I’m always up for helping a friend out with some super-sparkly party planning.  If you’re little one simply love, love, lovesssss Jasmine, Cinderella and Ariel, play up her princess obsession with a birthday get-together that includes crowns, fairies and glitter activities galore!
Glitter Art

Dress Up: Invite the guests to come dressed in costumes. Let them know that they can dress as their favorite princess (or prince).

Crown Art Activity: Instead of coming to the party with ready-made tiaras, tell the other parents that the kiddos will make their own crowns. With some regular kitchen foil, card stock or poster board paper, the children can craft cute headwear to coordinate with their costumes!
Party costumes

Tasty Treats: Serve up a bevy of sparkly treats that say PRINCESS! A character or castle cake is kin do a no-brainer. But, the dessert-time fun doesn’t have to end there. Even my tween son enjoyed the princess popsicles that I made in the freezer. But, I thoroughly adored the pink sparkle strawberry scented s’mores.
Sparkle PopsPrincess Treats

Fairies Take Flight: Do you have a fairy princess? The kids can make fairy princess wings out of painted coffee filters and pipe cleaners. Use these mini-wings to dress up dolls. For a large-scale crafting option, have the children cut out wing shapes from pieces of poster board. Punch holes in the center edge of each side (right center for one wing, and left for the other). Let the kids decorate the wings with glitter and glue, or create your own glitter glue to use. Tie the wings together by stringing fancy ribbon through the holes. You can also loop some of the ribbon to create arm holes as well.  Adjust the ribbon to fit each individual child’s shoulders.
Princess Wings
Glitter Glue

Decorations:  Why have the same party decor that every other girl in your child’s kindergarten class has? Use a stencil to draw baseball –sized stars onto card stock paper. Cut them out and have your child decorate them with metallic paints, glue and glitter. When the stars are dry, punch a hole on each side and string them into a princessy garland with yarn or thin ribbon. You can hang the garland from the ceiling, line a doorframe or adorn a buffet table.  Speaking of the table, dress it up with a kid-decorated table cloth. Take a plain white sheet outside and have your child splatter paint it with princess-like purples, pinks and golds.

Do you need more craft or activity ideas to keep the kids busy at your child’s birthday party? Follow my Pinterest board for oh-so-many options!

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  1. Enough glitter to please even the most persnickety of princesses :)

  2. When my daughter had her princess birthday party we made our own crowns. There was glitter everywhere but everyone had so much fun :)

  3. Fun ideas! I especially like the "glittery" s'mores. Thanks for sharing these fun tips/party ideas!

  4. Very fun! There's never too much glitter!

  5. Love the princess smore cute. Thanks for sharing on Merry Monday.

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