Mini Monets and Mommies: Craft Felt Christmas Card Art Activity

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Craft Felt Christmas Card Art Activity

Christmas cards that you buy at the store? Sure. There’s no shame in that. We’re not all craft and there’s never enough time. But, if you’re already looking for a kids’ art activity and you have a smidge of time on your hands (at least enough to help the kiddos get artsy) – then why not try this handmade holiday greeting card?

Tree art

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It's a felt board and a holiday greeting all in one! Not only do you get a kid-created card out of this activity, but your child gets to play in an artsy way, build fine motor skills, learn about colors and even practice some math (geometry, patterns and part to whole relationship). You can go one of two ways with this Christmas card: 1. Use glue. Choosing this option lets your child make a permanent greeting (and keeps the felt pieces in place). 2. Don’t use glue. Why wouldn’t your child use glue? He can make a ‘pieces pouch’ inside of or on the back of the card, including parts of the scene or design that he’s planned out. Friends and other family members (who are children) can then puzzle together the felt pieces and create their own Christmas décor.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

·        8x10-inch sheets of craft felt (in different colors)

·        Scissors

·        Clear-drying school glue

·        Cardboard (reuse the front of an old box)

·        Fabric markers

Here’s What to Do:

1. Cut the cardboard into a rectangle. Choose the size based on how large you want the card to be (it needs to be smaller than the craft felt sheets).
Reused art

2. Sandwich the cardboard between two craft felt sheets.

3. Fold the felt and cardboard in half, making a card.

4. Glue the felt to the board. Let your child paint it on with a thin brush. While the glue is still wet you may need to slide the felt around to make room for the fold.

Glue art

5. Cut any excess felt from around the edges.
Holiday project

6. Create felt pieces that make up a Christmas scene. For example, your child could cut a green triangle to make a tree, a brown square for the tree stump and colorful circles as ornaments.
Christmas art

7. Puzzle together the pieces on the front of the card.
DIY card

8. Optional: Glue the pieces to the felt on the front.

9. Or, your child can cut another sheet of felt in half. Glue the bottom and sides to a middle page or the back of the card, making a pocket.

10. Stash the pieces for the front in the pocket.

11. Use the markers to write a message in the center of the card.

Are you looking for more kids’ Christmas activities? Follow my Pinterest board for ideas!

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