Mini Monets and Mommies: DIY Chalk Finger Paint: Creative Sensory Play

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

DIY Chalk Finger Paint: Creative Sensory Play

Make your own finger paint? Sure! Why not? I tried it for a Valentine’s Day activity. But, you could use this how-to for a general art exploration. I had a few straggly-looking pieces of chalk hanging around (plus a mega-stock of petroleum jelly – it’s so good for cold weather chapped hands and lips), and figured that one plus the other would make a pretty darn good DIY paint product.

Chalk art
Was I right? Yep. Ok, so it’s not bought-from-the-craft-store smooth, but it’s easy to make, fun to use and a textural sensory experience. Before beginning, ask your child if he can figure out how to take the ingredients and make ‘paint’. Let him brainstorm ideas, put on his critical thinking cap or do whatever type of imaginative thing he does when he comes up with those oh-so insightful answers.

Keep in mind, even though you’re about to see a Valentine’s Day heart, your child can make whatever he wants. A tree. A flower. A car. A train. A random bunch of squiggles, zig-zags and bubbles. Anything. The key is to explore and experiment with the finger paint goo. Yes, it’s messy. But, it gives your child the chance to discover different textures, combine colors and see how he can create his own art materials!

Here’s What You’ll Need:

·        Petroleum jelly

·        Colored chalk

·        Card stock paper

·        Plastic sandwich baggies

·        Small-sized paper (or reusable art-only) cups

Here’s What to Do:

1. Put each color of chalk into its own baggie.

2. Smash the chalk. Ask your child what he thinks will make it break into many pieces (or a fine. Dusty powder). We used the back of a wooden spoon, but your child can come up with his own way to smoosh the chalk.

Kids' art

Children's art
3. Pour the chalk into the cup. Add petroleum jelly. Start with a finger-scoop of jelly, and continue mixing it with the chalk until your child finds a consistency that he wants to use.

Paint texture
4. Finger paint on the paper. Mix the colors to create new ones!

Valentne's Day
Add another step to the art-making with a water color paint resist. We’ve been making a lot of these lately – a Valentine’s Day heart and magically appearing letters. Start this part by asking your child what he thinks will happen (i.e., make a prediction) when the water colors touch the jelly-based finger paint.


1. Brush the water colors over the chalk painting.

2. Watch what happens next! Hint: The jelly repels that water colors.

Water colors
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