Mini Monets and Mommies: Honeycomb Chore Chart Kids' Craft

Friday, February 19, 2016

Honeycomb Chore Chart Kids' Craft

That sad little chore chart hanging on your kitchen cork board has spaghetti sauce stains down the side and is looking more than weathered. The kids ignore it, and you feel like it’s become a random sticker repository. That said, you can’t give up on it.

Chore chart

It’s the 53rd time that you’ve asked at least one of your kids to please pick up the abandoned tower of puzzles that have taken over the family room corner, you’ve got a stack of socks that could really use sorting and no one wants to help dad weed the garden. Nix the notion to nag, and get artsy instead! How? Gather the gang around the glue and craft up a honeycomb chore ‘chart’. Even though it’s technically not a chart, this sculptural storage stasher lets the kids get creative and experience a chore list through a very different lens.
Chore craft

Here’s What You’ll need:

·        Reused cardboard tubes (you know you’ve got bushels of them leftover from spills, splashes and your toddler’s try at ‘cooking’)

·        Scissors

·        Tempera paint

·        A paintbrush

·        Clear-drying glue (or a hot glue gun that you – not your child – use)

·        Foam core board (every craft store stocks this thick, spongy-middled board)

·        Paper

·        Markers

Here’s What to Do:

1. Press the first paper towel tube flat. The more tubes that you use, the bigger the chore honeycomb becomes.

2. Cut the paper towel tubes into four or five pieces each.
Kids' art

3. Fluff the tube pieces, making oval shapes.

4. Paint the outside, inside and edges of the tube pieces. Use a brush or let your little artist finger paint them. Give the cardboard one to two hours to dry completely.
Tempera paint

5. Draw a shape onto the foam core board, sizing it to fit your needs. If you have one child or not many chores, make a smaller board. If you’ve got a bigger brood or chores galore, cut a larger one. Make a geometric shape, go with a free form or devise a theme (for example, make a cloud shape for a spring rainbow theme or a honey pot for a summer bee focus). Cut the shape out.
Cloud shape

6. Start arranging your honeycomb on the board. Glue the bottoms of the tube pieces to the cut foam core. Attach each piece of cardboard to the one next to it with more glue – making a honeycomb. Snuggle each piece in next to the other, creating a tight pattern. If the regular glue doesn’t stick, use a few dabs of hot glue (adults only).
Reused craft

Hang the board up. Use self-adhesive velcro or punch a hole at the top of the board, thread yarn through it and tie it to a wall hook.  Write down your chores on pieces of paper. Roll the paper up and put it in the honeycomb holes. Voila! Now you’ve got a cool chore chart that the kids can pick from as the week goes along. The crafty creativeness of this activity beats a plain old paper list, a chalk board check-off or the sound of your pleas.
Children's sculpture

Are you looking for more creative and crafty kids’ ideas? Check out my Pinterest board!

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