Mini Monets and Mommies: Kids' Craft Stick Puppet Art Activity

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Kids' Craft Stick Puppet Art Activity

The kids want to make their own puppets. But, you’re not terribly crafty. When you hear the word “puppet” you see visions of dancing marionettes or over-sized plush play toys. Now you’re thinking, “How could I help my kiddo to make one of these?” Well, don’t worry. This kids’ puppet craft is super simple—and still totally creative too!

Puppet-making craft

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Set your child’s imagination lose. Right now. You don’t need fancy art materials or crazy processes for the kids to make their own playful puppet friends. With a craft stick and a few basic art materials your child can create her own imaginary creature. And, she can dress it up in some DIY crafty clothes.

Not only does this activity help your child to explore art (gluing, painting, cutting), but it also helps her to build fine motor skills. After she’s done with the art-making, your child can also get in some dramatic play. She can use her imagination to create a character for her puppet and act out story (either one that she makes up or one from a favorite book).

Here’s What You’ll Need:

·        Craft felt (choose a variety of different colors—you can use 8x10-inch sheets or scraps left over from other projects)

·        Scissors

·        Clear-drying school glue

·        Wide craft sticks

·        Googley eyes

·        Tempera paint

·        A paintbrush or a sponge (instead of painting, your child can sponge the paint on—creating textures)

·        Pipe cleaners

·        Modeling clay

·        Optional: Craft feathers

Here’s What to Do:

1. Glue the googley eyes on to the top of the stick.
Kids' art

2. Ball a small piece of clay up to make a nose.

3. Cut out felt clothes. Your child can cut simple shapes (such as triangles). Cut smaller shapes to add on to the clothes as decoration. Glue the felt together.
Children's crafts

4. Twist a pipe cleaner to make “hair.” Your child can also add craft feathers to the pipe cleaners.

Your child can glue the clothes on now, or she can keep the art-making going and paint the craft stick.
Kids' art

5. Paint the craft sticks. Pour a few different colors onto a palette (or use wax paper as an inexpensive barrier). Your child can use a brush or a sponge. Cover the top side, let the paint dry and then flip it over to paint the other side.

6. Now, glue the felt clothes onto the DIY puppets.
Kids' crafts

When the puppets are dry, your child is ready to play, create stories and act out her favorite tales!



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