Mini Monets and Mommies: Easter Jelly Bean Water Color Paints for Kids

Monday, March 23, 2015

Easter Jelly Bean Water Color Paints for Kids

Jelly beans are more than tasty Easter candy treats for your kids! Admittedly, I enjoy candy much more than my son. Not that he doesn’t eat it, but when we pop open a bag of jelly beans it’s me who is eating the majority of it. That said, this time I decided to use the candy for a water color paint project (instead of letting it go to my hips).

Water colors

About a million years ago when I first started teaching children’s art classes I thought I was a total genius for ‘inventing’ scented Kool-Aid painting. This is kind of the same idea – your kids get a super-sweet smelling paint from something that should be food (kind of, at least). It also adds in a little bit of science too. Before you make the paints, ask your child a few open-ended questions such as:

·        What do you think will happen to the jelly beans when we add them to water?

·        Why do you think that will happen?

·        What do you think jelly beans are made from?

·        How do you think we are going to paint with jelly beans?
Painting craft

As you go along with the activity, keeping the questions coming. For example, “What’s in the water?” (the waxy coating on the jelly beans comes off in the water) or, “Why are the jelly beans turning white?” You can also study the make-up of the beans beforehand. There are a few different types of jelly bean-making processes (one of them includes beetle byproducts!).

And, on to the art-making…

Here’s What You’ll Need:

·        Jelly beans in bright colors

·        Paper

·        A water color paintbrush

Here’s What to Do:

1.     Separate the jelly beans into colors. This is a great way to get your child into a sorting activity and build basic math skills. Have her count the beans as she puts like colors into each cup.
Kids' art


2.     Add a few tablespoons of very warm tap water. Don’t use burning hot water, and always supervise your child. Don’t let her touch the water if it’s too hot.

Paint project

3.     Wait and watch what happens! Your child can also mix more than one color of jelly beans into each section of the cupcake tin. For example, blue and yellow beans melt to turn green.
4.     Paint the jelly bean water colors onto the paper. As the beans sit in the water, the color releases. Make an Easter egg, a spring flower or a piece of abstract art.
Spring flower


Are you looking for more Easter arts and crafts for kids? Follow my Pinterest board for ideas!
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