Mini Monets and Mommies: Easter Peeps S'mores with Chocolate Eggs

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Easter Peeps S'mores with Chocolate Eggs

Easter candy is the best, isn’t it? There are marshmallow chicks, chocolate eggs and all kinds of pastel-colored goodies! I have a bit of a s’mores obsession. So, as Easter rolls around it seems like it’s time to make another holiday version of this graham cracker treat.

Holiday Desserts
Yes, marshmallow peeps are the completely obvious ingredient in an Easter s’more. But, I could leave well enough alone. Those yummy chocolate eggs with the marshmallow centers (you know – the ones that are colored to look like real egg yolks) were something that I just couldn’t pass up adding. And this is what happened…

Here’s What You Need:

·        Graham crackers

·        Marshmallow peeps

·        Marshmallow-center chocolate eggs

·        Sprinkles

Dessert Recipes
Here’s What to Do:

1.     Cut the chocolate egg in half. Unless you’ve left it sitting out somewhere warm, the center should stay together. If the egg’s too warm it will ooze out. If that’s the case, pop another one into the fridge for a half hour first.

2.     Put half of the egg on a graham cracker. Microwave it for 10 seconds (microwaves vary in strength, so you may need to adjust the time).

Easter Candy
3.     Place a peep on another graham. Microwave for 5 to 10 seconds – and watch the chick grow to gargantuan size!

Marshmallow chicks
4.     Sandwich the two grahams (with the chocolate and marshmallow in the center).

5.     Coat the marshmallow that’s coming out of the s’more with sprinkles. Use spring colors such as light blue, green and yellow.

6.     Add another peep to the top!

Kids' recipe
That’s it. It’s super-simple to make, and beyond tasty to eat.

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  1. Oh my goodness! You have combined my two favorite Easter treats into one. I'm in heaven! :) Thanks for sharing at Bloggers Brags. I'm pinning!

  2. I love smores! This is such a great idea.

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