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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Easter Cupcakes with Creme Eggs

Who doesn’t love a Cadbury crème egg at Easter? I have clear memories from my own childhood of splitting open the chocolate shell and scooping out the creamy white and yellow yolk-like center. I still love the eggs (but, maybe not as much as my son does now). Even though I’m completely fine with eating the Easter treats as is, I figured – why not make a cupcake out of them?

Kids' recipe

So, I’m not the world’s best chef. When it came to baking a chocolate crème egg into a cupcake, it took me a few tries to get it right. First, the whole egg doesn’t fit into the cupcake. Second, when you cut it in half and turn it upside down, the ‘yolk’ leaks out, bakes into the cake and virtually disappears. But, if you turn it over the cupcake works.

After baking the cupcakes I wanted to decorate them with an Easter theme…

Here’s What You’ll Need:

·        Cake mix – Use your favorite recipe or what comes in a box.

·        Frosting—Again, use a favorite recipe from scratch, or go with the ready-made kind.

·        Cadbury crème eggs

·        Green sprinkles

·        Easter peeps

·        Chocolate bunnies

Here’s What to Do:

1.     Mix the cake batter.

2.     Pour the batter into a cupcake tin, leaving some room at the top.

3.     Cut the crème eggs into halves.

4.     Pop the egg halves into the batter (one per cupcake). Make sure that the open part is facing up and above the top of the batter-line.

Cupcake recipe
5.     Bake the cupcakes.

6.     Let the Easter cupcakes cool.

7.     Frost the tops. I used orange icing. When I added green sprinkles on the frosting it reminded me of a bunny’s carrot or a spring scene.

Holiday cakes

8.     Add a chocolate bunny or Easter peep on top.

Rabbit treat
Holiday treats
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