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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Pipe Cleaner Paint Prints: Kids' Flower Art

Flower printing is a favorite kids’ art activity of mine. But, sometimes Mother Nature just doesn’t cooperate with your crafting. When that happens you have to come up with a creative solution.

Kids' print-making

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What can you do when the kids want to make flowery paint prints – minus the flowers? Pull out the pipe cleaners! This easy craft isn’t just colorful, pretty and fun. It helps your child to improve her fine motor skills, teaches about shape and line and can even become a color-mixing exploration.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

·        Pipe cleaners

·        Paper

·        Tempera paint

·        Wax paper or kitchen foil

·        Optional: Paintbrush
Art Activity

Here’s What to Do:

1.     Bend the pipe cleaners into a flower shape. Turn the straight lines into rounded curves and circles. Start with a center circle. Wind the next pipe cleaner’s end around the circle. Curve it into a flower petal shape. Loop it under the circle and make another petal or two. Wind the end around the circle and repeat with another one. Your child should keep going until she’s completed her flower.
Flower art

2.     Pour the paint onto wax paper or foil (these make inexpensive barriers/palettes).

3.     Dip one side of the pipe cleaner flower into the paint. Your child can use one color (making a solid print) or a rainbow of hues (different colors on different petals). Get messy and let your child use her hands to spread the paint out or try a brush.
Kids' art

4.     Press the flower (paint-side down) onto the paper.
Children's Crafts

5.     Peel the flower up to reveal the print.
Kids' crafts

6.     Repeat!
Paint art

Try this kids’ art activity with other shapes. Instead of a flower your child can explore shapes (make it into a math lesson). Encourage her to bend circles, rectangles, diamonds and triangles, and then make prints. Another option is to make two or more different shapes and create a print pattern – such as triangle, diamond, circle, triangle, diamond, circle.

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