Mini Monets and Mommies: 25 S'mores Recipes That You Have to Try Right Now!

Monday, August 3, 2015

25 S'mores Recipes That You Have to Try Right Now!

August 10 is National S’mores Day! I kind of adore the graham cracker, chocolate and marshmallow stackers, so this is a pretty major holiday for me. That said, I like to go a bit beyond the traditional treat.
S'mores Day

I know, I know, s’mores purists will balk at the idea of adding all kinds of ‘stuff’ to the ooey, gooey treats. But, I enjoy adding something a little extra. From summertime ice cream sundaes to modern art masterpieces, I’m here to say, “Happy S’mores Day!”

Check out these sweet, sweet s’mores, that you make for the treat’s special day – or any day!

1.     Animal Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches – Perfect for an animal, carnival or circus themed kids’ party!

2.     Banana Splits – The classic summer sundae in s’mores form.

3.     S’mores Cookie Ball Truffles – So, they’re not exactly the typical flat stack, but these Oreo goodies are so, so, so, so good!

4.     Peeps and Marshmallow-Middle Chocolate Eggs – It’s two Easter candy traditions in one perfect package.

5.     St. Patrick’s Day Desserts – They’re lucky, chocolatey and green!

6.     Valentine’s Day Donut Deluxe – Heart-shaped marshmallows, a donut and more makes this s’more a sweetheart surprise.

7.     Hanukkah S’mores – Celebrate the Festival of Lights with a festival of fun chocolate goodness (and you can even make them kosher as well).

8.     Christmas Morning Donuts – The holiday morning donut is a tradition in our house. We took the typical and made it Christmas-tastic by adding in more s’mores.

9.     Candied Yam Marshmallow Casserole – It’s so Thanksgiving. Think of this one as a deconstructed sweet potato pie.

10.  Cupcake Cuties – Swap out the chocolate bar for a sliced cupcakes!

11.  Candy Corn for Halloween – The sugary fall treat makes the sweet stacker even better.

12.   Monster Madness – They’re gooey with goodness (and candy eyes!).

13.   ModernArt – A little food coloring and you’ve got a painted masterpiece.

14.  Olaf’s Melting – The Frozen snowman melts in the microwave with this indoor s’more.

15. Cherry Red Coconut Concoction – It’s a bit more grown up, and totally tasty.

16.   Pink Princess Sparkles – They’re pink with strawberry scent and sparkle with a sugar crisp.

National s'mores day

If you’re looking for s’mores that are also ‘something’ else, try:

17.  Chocolate Marshmallow Cupcakes – It’s everything you love about the stack, including the graham crackers, in a cupcake design.

18.  Cookies – These S’mores Cookies from Fireflies and Mud Pies turn the campfire favorite into a kitchen creation!

19.  Bread Pudding – When it comes to creative, this recipe from Spaceships and Laser Beams takes the cake (or rather, the bread putting).

20.   Brownie Trifle – Yum! Mom Endeavors’ trifle is brownie-packed and full of marshmallowy goodness.

21.  Rice Krispie Treats – They already have marshmallows in them anyway, so why not try this kid-friendly treat from Real Life at Home?

22.  Sweet and Salty – Pint-sized Treasures has combined the sugary and savory tastes that you will want to try – right now.

23.  Mini Pies – These pint-sized pies from Mess for Less are still big on suburb s’mores taste.

24.   Banana S’mores – The Typical Mom’s BBQ taste treats are literally bananas!

25.  French Toast – Crazy Adventures in Parenting’s breakfast recipe is a mouthwatering morning treat.

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