Mini Monets and Mommies: Sensory Slime Science, with Feathers!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Sensory Slime Science, with Feathers!

What kid doesn’t relish the chance to make slime? Even though my son is 14 now, he still totally enjoys the ooey, gooey science-y stuff.

Science kids

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Earlier in the week I made a vain attempt to use up my stockpile of glitter. The result? Disco slime! It was pretty cool (according to my now-teen). But, I also had an equally as impressive stockpile of craft feathers. There are only so many Thanksgiving turkey crafts that one family can stand, so I had to find another use for the rest of the faux feathers. I kind of imagined that adding feathers to slime wouldn’t work – or it might be totally awesome.

I can’t say it was genius or that the feathers fluffed out in the slimy mix. They did add a playful mix of color and a let’s call it ‘unique’ texture. So, the feather slime experiment turned out to be a pretty neat sensory exploration.

I’m going to suggest that you start this activity by making a few predictions. Set the feathers out in front of your child and ask him what he thinks will happen to them when he adds them to the slime mix. Invite your child to touch the feathers first. He can then think about (and talk about) how the feathers might change when they meet the gooey stuff.

Feather craft

And now on to the activity...

Here’s What You’ll Need:

·        ¼ cup school glue – We used clear (not white) Elmer’s glue

·        ¼ cup liquid starch

·        ¼ cup water

·        Craftfeathers

·        Scissors

Here’s What to Do:

1. Measure and mix the glue and water. Use this opportunity to sneak in a math lesson. Not only can your child measure the glue and water, but he can also compare the two quantities (as equal).
Slime mix

2. Add a handful of craft feathers to the mixture. If you’re using larger craft feathers, cut them into pieces.
Children's activity

3. Slowly mix in the liquid starch. The glue and water should now start turning into a gelatinous consistency.
Messy activity

4. Play, explore and experiment with the sensory slime!
Kids' project

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