Mini Monets and Mommies: Spring Showers and Flowers Kids' Art Activity

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Spring Showers and Flowers Kids' Art Activity

April showers bring May flowers – right? If you’re looking for a spring themed kids’ art activity, I’ve got a paint and clay exploration for you!

Spring art

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This started as a simple piece of pattern play, with clay of course. It grew into a multi-media project. Your child can explore two kinds of paint, color-mixing and much more.

What can this art exploration help your child to learn (or how can it help her to develop)? Obviously, it focuses on spring plants (so, that’s some science for her). After creating flowers, your child will add ‘rain’. Use this opportunity as a way to introduce the plant growing cycle (including what a plant needs to grow – such as rain).

The color-mixing aspect also ties in science as well. The ‘finger paint’ clay process is an easy way to build fine motor skills, as is playing with different types of paintbrushes (thick and thin). If your child chooses, she can create a pattern with the spring flowers she’s making. Use this as a math activity, helping your child to understand what a pattern is and counting the blooms.
Kids' art

Keep in mind, your child’s artwork doesn’t have to look exactly like what’s pictured here. Encourage her to explore, experiment and make her own discoveries within the materials given and the processes used!

Here’s What You’ll Need:

·        White paper

·        Green modeling clay (make sure that it’s soft)

·        Tempera paint (choose as many or as few colors as you want – you can also just go with the primaries)

·        Blue water color paint

·        Thick and thin paintbrushes

Here’s What to Do:

1. Tear dime-sized pieces of clay apart. Press the clay onto the paper, ‘finger painting’ flower stems. Your child can make the same motion as she would if she was actually painting with her hands. Soft clay will easily spread and stick onto the paper.
Kids' crafts

2. Pour a few quarter-sized pools of tempera paint onto a piece of wax paper (it’s a simple, and affordable, palette).

3. Mix the colors into new ones.
Tempera Paint

4. Choose a paintbrush (or your child can use her fingers). Dab different colors of paint onto the flower stems.
Kids' art

5. Make it rain! Wet another paintbrush. Dip it into blue water color paint.

6. Sprinkle the water color paint over the flowers to create rain, splattering it like a Jackson Pollock artwork! Your child needs to keep adding more water and paint to the brush as she goes along.
Flower painting

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