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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Back to School Art Supplies for Kids

 It's back to school time! You’ve got the notebooks, pencils, pens and cute little locker mirror that your child begged for. But, what about the arts and crafts supplies? Sure, her art teacher will dole them out during lessons, but that won’t help her when she has to make a model of the solar system or color a poster for  class assignment.
Kids' paint

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When my son was in kindergarten he had to make a collage flower using a cut paper cup as the petals. You would think that as an art teacher I had a treasure trove of craft supplies at home. I didn’t. What I did have was an enormously huge wall-sized closet of every item a young artist could ever dream of using – at work. At home, I had a few old crusty glue sticks and a mismatched set of markers. So, I had to run out the night before flower was due and get whatever I could rustle up in the grocery store office supply aisle.

Instead of waiting until it’s almost too late, stock up on arts and crafts supplies before the school year starts.
Craft supplies

There’s an almost endless list of art materials that your child might possibly need or want. If you know she’ll need a specialty product for a class that she’s taking or a project that you know she’ll do, add that to your list. Here’s a general categorized list of back to school craft items that your child needs:


·        Clear drying school glue

·        Glue sticks – Get more than one. They dry out and break easily.

·        Glitter glue – or you can make your own DIY sparkle version.

Writing and Drawing Tools

·        Colored pencils

·        Markers – Thick and thin ones

·        Crayons

·        Oil pastels
Kids' crayons


·        Construction paper

·        Card stock

·        Poster board

·        Fancy papers for collage – Save the scraps so that your child can use them later for other collage projects. Examples include corrugated paper, origami paper or metallic paper.

·        Tissue paper

·        Cardboard – Save your money and reuse old boxes

·        Graph paper – Your child can use it for more than math. She can write letters in the blocks or use it to make her own patterns.

·        Foam sheets – Even though it’s not technically paper – it comes in sheets and your child can write or draw on it.

Paints and Brushes

·        Tempera paints and brushes

Paint rollers

·        Water colors

·        Finger paint

Clay and Modeling Compounds

·        Air dry clay

·        Modeling clay
Modeling clay

·        Model Magic
Clay Play

·        Your own play dough recipe!

Playdough recipe


Extras and Add-Ons

·        Pom poms

·        Glitter

·        Sequins

·        Buttons

·        Beads

·        Felt

·        Pipe cleaners

·        Craft feathers

·        Craft fur

·        Craft sand

Recycled Art Supplies

·        Egg carton – There are so many uses! From a craft sand or glitter caddy to a butterfly body, egg cartons are egg-cellent.
Art Supplies

·        Cardboard – From a box.

·        Fabric scraps

·        Popsicle sticks

·        Foam – The Styrofoam from a fruit or vegetable tray makes an easy printing plate.

Now that you have the supplies, are you looking or creative crafts for your child? Follow my Pinterest board for ideas!


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  1. What a great list. I recently bought a craft trolly and it is already bursting at the seams. I need a bigger house LOL. Thanks so much for sharing with the Monday #pinitparty. I have pinned :)


  3. Good to know so many things about art and craft as from the next month my kid will be having regular sessions of art in school. Therefore, I was not aware previously what type of stuff will be required but ordered basic things of craft like bright sheet, glitters and frames board from and so on from that will be in use definitely. I will buy more material as per his school requirements because want him to learn something different.