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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Creative Kids' Cooking: Modern Art S'mores

Kids' s'mores

It’s National S’mores Day, and I’m totally ready to celebrate! The first thing that my son asked me (at 6 a.m.) was, “Is it time for s’mores?” Well, not that early. But, for my S’mores Day holiday celebration I decided to take my kids’ “cooking” (I use that word loosely, as the only cooking that I did was in a microwave) up a notch.

I’m a fan of the non-traditional s’more. If you’re looking for creative chocolate and marshmallow ideas, check out my pink princess strawberry sparkle, Frozen's Olaf melting snowmen and cherry red coconut ideas. I’m also a fan of combining just about anything with children’s art activities. Math, reading, science ….and, cooking! Since I’m not a fab chef, I stick to the basics. I’ve made cupcakes that match famous artists’ work such as Monet and Jackson Pollock, along with coloring mixing primary to secondary ones.

In recognition of this dessert-themed day, I’m combining my love of art and all things sweet by making Modern Art S’mores! These abstract marshmallow creations are fun to make and tasty to eat.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

·        Marshmallows

·        Graham crackers

·        Food coloring

·        Chocolate

·        Colorful sprinkles

Here’s What to Do:

1.     Stack the bottom graham cracker, the chocolate and the marshmallow.

2.     Drip drops of food coloring onto the marshmallow. Help your child to add one small drop each. Like magic (or science) the teeny tiny drop will spread out across the marshmallow. Keep in mind, food coloring stains. It will stain your table, your carpet your clothes and your child’s hands. This is a messy art/cooking activity. Prep for the mess accordingly and don’t fret if your little artist turns her hands into a rainbow.

Kids' Treat
Colorful S'mores
3.     Microwave the colorful creation for about 10 seconds. Every microwave varies, so you may need to adjust the time. The colors will melt into an ooey, gooey puddle. Even though I prefer the summer-time camping open fire version of roasting marshmallows, it just won’t work with the food coloring.
Cooking with kids

 4.     Take the s’more out of the microwave. Add colorful sprinkles and out the other graham cracker on top!

Kids' Food
Kids' cooking
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  1. I've never heard of S'Mores but these look really great to make with kids :)


  2. Oooh! Yummy I had no idea it was national s'mores day. This looks like a cool project!

  3. oh yummo!! I wish I would have known earlier it was s'mores day! I would have used that as an excuse to indulge in some!

  4. These cooking styles can be great to be tested out to give amazing and surprised things to kids.