Mini Monets and Mommies: Kids' Nature Art: Make a Leaf Fan

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Kids' Nature Art: Make a Leaf Fan

I love leaf art for kids! It’s summer. It’s hot. Your kid wants a something, anything, to cool herself down with. Sure, a chilly cup of ice will do the trick. But, that’s bound to melt before she can whine, “Mom-eeeeee, it’s soooooo hot!!!!” Get crafty and help your little artist to make her own fan!

Nature craft
I’ve been on a nature and art kick lately. After visiting Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater I put together a nature sensory bin that turns into an imaginative architecture activity. A few weeks after that I posted a leaf butterfly project. The leaf fan is a byproduct of this buggy nature-based product. Your child is taking one of the wings, adding a holder and turning it into a fab fan. It’s so super-easy to create, but still fun and functional too.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

·        Leaves—I used long magnolia leaves, but your child can use any other tree leaves that are handy.

·        Card stock paper

·        Clear drying school glue

·        Popsicle sticks

·        Scissors

Here’s What to Do:

1.     Glue the leaves in a fan shape onto a piece if card stick paper. Have your child lay out the shape first, and then pick the leaves up to glue them on.

Craft for kids
2.     Let the glue dry—this will take at least an hour. Depending on how much glue your child used.

Nature fan
3.     Cut the fan out.

4.     Make a handle. Glue three or more popsicle sticks, next to each other, on the back of the cardstock (the side without the leaves).

Crafts for kids
And, you’re child has her fan now! If she wants to spice it up she can paint the leaves or add other embellishments.  Avoid anything that will fly off when your child fans herself – such as glitter or sequins.

Nature projects
Are you looking for more creative kids’ crafts? Follow my Pinterest board for ideas!

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