Mini Monets and Mommies: Frozen Olaf Melting S'mores

Friday, August 1, 2014

Frozen Olaf Melting S'mores

Disney’s Frozen is a fan favorite among the tiny tot set. If your child can’t get enough of the movie, this sweet treat will fit the bill. Yes, I usually post art activities. But, this melting Olaf s’more kids’ recipe is artistic in its own rite – and super-fun too!

Frozen S'more
Before get started, let’s all remind ourselves and our children that we aren’t pastry or dessert artists. Well, maybe you are – and if that’s the case, you can add a special realistic sparkle to the project. That said, before you begin; help your child to understand that her Olaf won’t look like he did in the movie.  This is her interpretation of the character. Make sure that she knows that you don’t expect her to make a carbon copy of the snowman, and she shouldn’t expect it either. Honestly, out first few attempts looked more like Picasso s’mores than Olaf.

Whether your cartoon character treat looks like the real thing or not, your child will get a kick out of this themed s’more recipe.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

·        Graham crackers

·        Marshmallows

·        Decorative gel icing in orange and blue

·        Food coloring – a dark color such as blue or green

·        Chocolate sprinkles

·        White chocolate

·        Milk or dark chocolate

·        Optional: Opal or silver pearlescent sugar

Here’s What to Do:

1.     Sculpt Olaf’s head. You can cut off two diagonals – one on each side – from the marshmallow (DO NOT let our child use the knife). Or, if your child demands on doing it herself, have her bite the marshmallow and pull it apart.

2.     Decorate the head. Use orange gel icing to make the nose and the blue (or food coloring) for the eyes and mouth. Add two sprinkles for the eyebrows. You can also use decorative candy eyes. Remove these before your child eats the s’more as they may not melt and pose a choking hazard.

3.     Cut or shave the dark or milk chocolate (again, do this for your child). Pike three pieces through the top of the head as hair strands. Poke two pieces into the sides (one on each side) of another marshmallow.
Kids' dessert

4.     Stack the marshmallows, adding a third on the bottom, on a graham cracker and white chocolate base. The white chocolate is the “snow.”

5.     Add an icy look with blue gel frosting. Drip a few lines over Olaf or on the white chocolate.

Frozen Food

6.     Microwave the stack to melt Olaf. Microwaves vary in strength, so you may need to make adjustments based on your model. I popped mine in for 7 seconds.
Treat Marshmallow

7.     Sandwich the now-melted snowman with another graham cracker.
Disney Recipe

8.     Garnish the s’more with pearlescent sugar for a freezing Frozen look.

My son likes to say I’m the most over-protective mom in the world. I’m really not, but you do need to test the s’more before your child touches or eats it to make sure that it’s not too hot. The marshmallow or gel icing may heat up too much in the microwave. Let Olaf chill out for a few minutes before eating.
If your child likes this one try:
Coconut dessert

Are you looking for more s’mores? Follow my Pinterest board for ideas!

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  1. Love this!!!! I always read where people say little ones love Frozen. And all the merchandise and clothes are for little kids. Am I the only one with older kids who love Frozen?

  2. I guess this is what warm hugs in a microwave do. ;) Love this idea! We just watched Frozen today after my son woke up with a random fever. This would've been the perfect accompaniment. Maybe tomorrow!

    Visiting from the Monday Mommy Blog Hop! :)

  3. lol I've just published my version of Olaf.
    With that being said, your Olaf looks so adorable, well done.

    1. Thanks! Mine isn't exactly movie-worthy, but he melts well!

  4. What a darling treat for the kiddos! I am impressed with your creativity! Do you want to come over to do snacks for my girls this week? LOL. I just slam out crackers on the counter. They would love this!

    1. Thanks! Believe me, this isn't the norm for treats at my house. Of course, my son went through a 2-year phase when he had to have chocolate chip cookies warmed in the microwave, and nothing else - when it was time for dessert!

  5. Very cute. Thanks for linking up at Share it Sunday. Featuring on FB page today. Thanks again.

  6. This is TOO cute. I can't get over how cute of a movie Frozen is, and Olaf is the best!

  7. This is so cute! Thanks for sharing these adorable ideas on Pin It Thursday. Olaf is my favorite Frozen character!

    Amy @

  8. LOVE THIS! my daughter will go nuts over this! of course, frozen plays on a loop in our house these days, so these treats will definitely be a hit - so happy to have found you via re-treat link up! looking forward to connecting and reading more from your site!

  9. What a fun food project for the young ones. Thanks for sharing on Merry Monday.

  10. this is so fun. Pinned to the Creative K Kids Tasty Tuesday board. Thanks for linking up.

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