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Thursday, September 18, 2014

DIY Arts and Crafts Organizer for Kids

I have an art bin in my basement. I would love to say that it’s meticulously organized but in reality it’s an old laundry basket that I toss everything artsy into. I know that I should keep the markers out of the oil pastel bag and that the paint brushes shouldn’t just rest on some old cardboard. But honestly, I can’t stand spending the cash on those cute (but, very pricey) organizers. So, I’ll occasional buy the cheap-o versions. While they do offer some relief from the nest of brushes and crayons that I‘ve accumulated, they don’t look very nice.

Art Craft
To solve my organizational dilemma of how to keep the crafting materials neat without going over-budget, we made our own brush/pencil/marker/craft stock holder box. All it really took was an old tissue box and some tape! This is so super-simple to make and your child can dress it up however she wants. She can make a rainbow pattern, her own initials, shapes or the letter “A” for art. If you’re reading that last line and thinking, “Wow! She might also learn a lesson or two!” you’re right. If you’re working on learning her first letter, have her add that to the design. If math is on the agenda, play with patterns, shapes or talk about fractions (divide the sides into fourths using different colors). When she’s done with her project, fill it with art tools and set it on a table or desk. It is ready for use – and, it looks pretty too!

Here’s What You’ll Need:

Reuse Art
·        A tall tissue box—You can use a flat one for other arts and crafts items such as scrap collage paper or crayons.

·        Duct tape – Choose the colorful kind. You can use as many colors as your child wants. If you really want to get fancy, try a patterned version (I’ve even seen mac and cheese duct tape).

·        Scissors

Here’s What to Do:

1.     Start at the top of the box. Peel off a piece of tape that is slightly longer than the box top. Press the tape onto the top. Remind your child to avoid the opening. If she covers some of it, you can always cut away the extra later.

Kids' crafts

2.     Continue peeling tape until your child covers the entire box top.

Kids' Art

3.     Move down to the sides. Peel and stick the tape on all four sides of the box.

Carboard box

Pattern Art

DIY crafts
4.     Add a design. Make a pattern by cutting thinner or smaller pieces of tape. Your child can add lines, make shapes or create letters.

Alphabet crafts

Craft project
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  1. Genius! My arts and crafts supplies could certainly use some (okay, A LOT!) of organization but I hate to spend the money on it. A tissue box I can handle! ;)

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