Mini Monets and Mommies: DIY Paint Palette for Kids' Art Activities

Friday, September 5, 2014

DIY Paint Palette for Kids' Art Activities

A decade or so ago I started teaching children’s art programs at my local museum. The first day on the job I got a giddy glance at the paint closet. It was filled to the brim with every color in the rainbow, plus every metallic version of gold, silver, copper and bronze.  I’m not entirely sure why we had so many colors of paint. I quickly found that other than the every-so-often time that we used bronze or gold, for every project it was the primaries and white.

Paint art
Instead of giving the kids a full set of colors, we only gave them red, blue and yellow (plus white to lighten things up). So, every class prep session started the same way – squeeze four puddles of paint onto each corner of a plastic tray. At home I wanted to institute the same coloring mixing idea with my son. But, we didn’t have a tray. Sure, I could have gone out and bought a pricey palette or kept a stock of trays on hand.

Instead, I came up with an inexpensive) although, not permanent) solution. Wax paper. Pull off a sheet and it becomes its own disposable tray. I like to use scrap foam core board as a protective barrier between art projects and the table underneath. Add a sheet of wax paper and you have a super-cheap (and beyond easy-to-make) palette.

How does your child use wax paper as a paint palette?

·        Pull off a sheet that is at least 12-inches long. The exact size that you need depends on how much paint your child needs. If she’s make a mega-sized masterpiece you’ll need a larger piece of paper.

·        Pour the paint. Be wary of curving edges. If the edges start curling up, use the paint bottles to weight down the edges. This will make the paper flat enough to hold the paint without letting it slip, drip or run.

·        Mix away! Hand over a brush, sponge or any other painting tool and encourage your little artist to start blending.

Color Mixing
The next time that your child wants to make a green tree, an orange flower or a purple butterfly, grab the wax paper and make your own paint palette!

Process art
Are you looking for art activities to go along with your child’s new DIY paint tray? Follow my Pinterest board for ideas!
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