Mini Monets and Mommies: Thanksgiving Napkin Ring Kids' Craft

Friday, October 24, 2014

Thanksgiving Napkin Ring Kids' Craft

When my now-teen son was younger, we set out to make an adorably sweet Thanksgiving craft for the holiday dinner table. I had these little turkey napkin rings in mind. Even though it sounded great in my mind, in reality it ended in tears. My then-4-year-old found the turkeys tough to make and gave up (post-tantrum). The result? I made the turkey craft myself- we needed something festive for the dinner table.
Holiday art

This napkin ring art activity is much easier. Your preschooler can pick one (or all) of these four projects to try. Instead of getting a perfectly crafted Thanksgiving table adornment, these are process-based activities. Even though this artsy adventure is more about exploring than making “something,” the cardboard rings still come out cute enough to add to your Thanksgiving place settings. They’ve got that fall color scheme going on and showcase your little artist’s creativity. As a bonus they are fab fine motor activities!

Here’s What You’ll Need:

·        A cardboard paper towel tube

·        Tempera paint in fall colors – yellow, red, orange, brown

·        Scissors

·        Craft feathers

·        Gauze

·        Clear drying school glue

·        Thin ribbon

·        Wax paper

·        Tissue paper

·        A paintbrush
Holiday crafts

Here’s What to Do:

For all four options, cut the cardboard tube into pieces that are two to three inches long.
Kids' crafts

Option 1- Craft feather/Tissue Paper

1.     Tear fall colors of tissue paper apart into dime-sized pieces.
Fall colors

2.     Pour a golf ball-sized pool of glue onto the wax paper.
Craft glue

3.     Paint the glue over the outside of a cardboard tube segment.
Cardboard art

4.     Collage the tissue on top of the glue. Your child can dip her fingers into the glue to smooth down the tissue, make it stick and add a hint of shine.
Collage crafts

5.     Press a craft feather to the front of the napkin ring.
Holiday crafts

Option 2- Finger Prints

1.     Pour pools of the tempera paint onto wax paper.
Pools paint

2.     Dip your child’s finger into the paint. She can press dots onto the tube.
Finger paints

3.     Repeat with different colors.
Kids' paint

Option 3- Rolling Paint

You know the messy pools of paint that are left over from the fingerprint napkin rings? Have your child roll a fresh cardboard tube piece through them. That’s it!
Paint printKids' art

Option 4 – Gauze Print with Ribbons

1.     Dab a piece of crumbled gauze in the paint.
Paint crafts

2.     Press the gauze onto the cardboard for a textured print.

3.     Cut two pieces of thin ribbon.

4.     Glue one piece of ribbon to the top and the other to the bottom of the tube segment.

Let the rings dry and set your Thanksgiving table!

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  1. The napkin rings are so festive for Thanksgiving. Please share this on Artsy Play Wednesday. I will pin this to my Fall board.

  2. They are Fall! Very nice napkin holders .

  3. Erica, I just love these napkin rings. We have so many toilet paper rolls around the house, you just inspired our next fall craft. Thanks for stopping by to share yesterday on our Facebook page. Pinning!

    1. Thanks Heather! I have a stockpile of cardboard tubes, so I'm always trying to think of ways to reuse them.

  4. How pretty! Kids get so proud when they can help decorate the table for a big meal - these are going to look great at Thanksgiving! #FrugalFamily

  5. Very fun ideas!! I love them all. Thanks for sharing at Sharing Saturday this week!

  6. Great kids activity! Thank you for sharing on the Frugal Family Linky last week.

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