Mini Monets and Mommies: Glow-in-the-Dark Cupcakes

Friday, October 10, 2014

Glow-in-the-Dark Cupcakes

Glow-in-the-dark anything is so much fun! Seriously, I love making just about anything that glows. I’ve made water colors, ice cubes and shaving cream art that all glow. This time I decided to go the cupcake route.

Colorful Recipes
I’ve tried to make glow-in-the-dark cupcakes before. Somehow I’ve made it through almost 40 years without knowing that tonic water glows under a black light. When I finally found this apparently well-known fact, I figured that I could just mix up a rainbow-hued batch of food coloring and tonic and presto – I’d have a bright addition to plain white frosting. It was a no-go.

It took me some time, but I eventually realized that food coloring is not the way to go if you want to make glowing icing for cupcakes. You need to make Jell-O with the tonic water. Apparently (like the fact that tonic glows under a black light), everyone who isn’t me knows that you need to use Jell-O instead of food coloring for this process.

Even though you aren’t supposed to let the gelatin set completely, I forget about it and it did. While I couldn’t exactly dye my cupcake frosting, I could add it on top. If you’re considering this recipe for yourself or an adult-type gathering—don’t. While I think it looks completely cool, it does soemthat resemble what you would imagine alien slime looks (and possibly feels) like. With that in mind, it’s perfect for a kids’ Halloween treat! You can even make the cupcakes ahead of time, and then let the kiddos “decorate” them with alien slime or monster snot (or whatever other gross name you want to give it) during a Halloween party!

Here’s What You’ll Need:

·        Cake mix – Use your favorite recipe, or use a boxed mix. I’m more into the decorating part and less into the baking. So, I used a boxed mix. If I was a better baker, or there were more hours in the day, I suppose I could have made it from scratch.

·        White frosting—Again, use your favorite recipe or buy the ready-made stuff. Using white will also help it to glow under the black light.

·        Tonic water

·        Green gelatin

·        A black light- You don’t need to go to a specialty 70s disco store to get one of these. Most home improvement stores sell them.

Here’s What to Do:

1.     Mix the gelatin. You’ll need one cup of regular boiling water and one cup of cold tonic water. If you’re using the speed-set method, make the ice cubes out of tonic water too. This is a prime opportunity to talk about science with your child. Ask her why she thinks the mix is bubbling.
Gelatin mix

Green Recipe

2.     Refrigerate the gelatin until it sets.

3.     Bake your cupcakes. Let them cool completely.

Chocolate Dessert
4.     Frost the cupcakes with the white icing.
Frosted cake

5.     Mash up the gelatin. There’s no need to be gentle. Don’t cut it into pretty little squares or use fancy cookie-cutter shapes. Use a spoon or fork to create chucks.

6.     Turn on the black light. Get ready to hear the kids ohhhh and ahhhh! The Jell-O will glow a ghastly green!

Glow gelatin
7.     Top the cupcakes with the glowing Jell-O.

Dark Cupcakes
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  1. This is awesome! I'm definitely going to be trying it out :)

  2. Amazing! I didn't know about the tonic either! #WeekendBlogHop

    1. Thanks! I can't believe I didn't know about tonic water for such a long time.

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