Mini Monets and Mommies: Valentine's Day Heart Gift Bag Craft for Kids

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Valentine's Day Heart Gift Bag Craft for Kids

Kids’ crafts for Valentine’s Day are some of my favorite artsy adventures to take. The joy of this holiday is the “love” in it. So, in celebration of all things loving – here’s an art activity that you and your child can create together. With a few pieces of felt, a splash of sparkles and a little imagination, your little artist can make her very own fabric gift (or candy) caddy!

Holiday activity

As a bonus, this holiday project promotes fine motor development. Yes, I know – all art activities in some way or another can help fine motor skills. That said, the “sewing” (that’s in quotes because your child isn’t really using a needle and thread) does require a high amount of dexterity. Don’t worry if your child looks like she’s fumbling through it. It’s a kids’ craft, and isn’t mean to look like Martha Stewart made it. When she’s done with the crafting she can fill the heart-shaped pouch and give it to a special friend or a family member.

P.S. – Fun is the key here! The world will not come to a crashing halt and grandma (or any other recipient of this heart-felt gift) won’t care if doesn’t look like a pro crafted the Valentine’s Day heart pouch.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

·        1 8x10-inch sheet of felt in a Valentine’s color such as red or pink

·        A marker

·        Scissors

·        Clear-drying school glue

·        Glitter

·        A hole punch

·        Thin ribbon or yarn (you can also cut the leftover felt into thin strips instead)—in two different colors
Kids' Valentines

Here’s What to Do:

1.     Fold the felt in half. Place the sheet vertically and have your child fold it up from the bottom to meet the top.
Kids' art

2.     Draw a heart on the front. Your child should make the heart fill as much of the space as possible.
Marker drawing

3.     Cut the heart out. If it’s a struggle for your child to cut through the folded-over felt (that makes a double sheet), have her cut out the marker-drawn heart first. Then she can place the heart onto the remaining felt, trace it, remove it and cut another heart out.
Valentine's crafts

4.     Punch holes in the felt at the bottom and sides. Start with the first heart.

5.     Place the first heart on top of the one and use the marker to mark where each hole is. Have your child place a dot on the felt where she will punch holes.
Heart crafts

6.     Punch the holes from the second heart.

Heart Art
7.     Stack the hearts.

8.     Thread a piece of yarn, ribbon or thinly cut piece of felt through the top set of holes. Tie it at the end (you may need to help your child with this step).
Valentine's crafts

9.     Sew through all of the holes, ending up on the other side. Your child can sew an over-under pattern. Secure the end with another knot.
Fine Motor

10.   Repeat the sewing steps with a second color. Reverse the over-under pattern. This will create an alternating color pattern.
Sewing art

11.  Draw with glue on the front of the pouch. Your child can create a heart, a pattern or write a special message such as, “I love you.”
Holiday art

12.   Sprinkle glitter over the glue.
Sparkle activity

Shake the excess glue off to reveal a glittering picture.
Felt project
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  1. I've been trying to introduce very basic sewing skills to my daughter so this project will fall right in line. She also loves to 'stuff' things and put things inside of bags, etc. She will loving filling a heart like this!! Love how the glitter heart turned out on front too - an all around beautiful project!

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