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Thursday, February 12, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Felt Shamrock Art

Are you looking for an easy St. Patrick’s Day art activity for your child? Does the thought of pulling out palettes of paint out or spreading sparkles upon sparkles over goopy glue make you cringe?

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I’m always all for messy art—but, sometimes it’s just not possible. While I’d love to say that you can always make shaving cream finger paints or get glittery, there are instances when messy explorations just won’t do. Maybe you’re visiting grandma for the weekend and her perfect white carpet isn’t beginning for painted hand prints. Maybe you’re on day 7 of the cold that just refuses to go away and can’t stomach the thought of the prep and clean up involved in a more extensive art project. Or maybe you’re just looking for a low-key way to spend the afternoon with your child.

Whatever the reason that you want a virtually mess-less art activity, this St. Patrick’s Day shamrock felt project is an easy answer. As a bonus, it helps your child to learn about shapes while providing a textured sensory experience!

Here’s What You’ll Need:

·        Green felt

·        Felt in one non-green color

·        A marker

·        Scissors

Here’s What to Do:

1.     Fold a sheet of green felt in half.

2.     Draw half a heart onto the felt, starting at the fold. If you’re asking why you would draw a heart when this is a St. Patrick’s Day activity, take a look at a shamrock. Ask your child what shapes she sees. Each leaf looks like a heart!

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3.     Cut the heart half out. Unfold it to make a whole heart.

4.     Repeat the drawing and cutting steps to make two more hearts.

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5.     Cut out a few other shapes, such as squares, circles and rectangles. Make one of the rectangles long and skinny. This will become the shamrock’s stem.

6.     Put the shapes into a pile on another piece of felt.

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7.     Ask your child to puzzle together the shapes into a shamrock. She needs to figure out which shapes (the hearts) she needs, and which ones she doesn’t. The felt shapes will stick to the other pieces of felt.
St. Patrick's Day

8.     Optional: If you want to make it permanent use a few dabs of school glue to hold the shamrock in place.

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