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Friday, February 6, 2015

Scented Valentine's Day Heart Art for Kids

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. Honestly, I thought I had tapped out when it comes to art activities. I mean, how many holiday themed crafts can one really come up with? Apparently a lot. I never fail to be surprised and impressed with what I find on Pinterest, educational websites and other people’s blogs. That said, I just couldn’t leave well enough alone. Since it’s not Valentine’s Day just yet I figured there’s plenty of time to create some more!

Valentine's Day

I was cleaning out the kitchen cabinets the other day and came across a few things that I had absolutely no use for: 1. Candy canes – Christmas has come and one, so what do I need three boxes of candy canes for (I bought them on sale for less than a dollar each thinking my son would eat them- he didn’t), and 2. Jello – Not that I don’t have any use for gelatin, but when the use by date is listed as 2011 … as you can imagine, I have qualms about serving it up to my family. So, the candy canes and Jello are going towards scented Valentine’s Day heart art.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

·        White card stock paper

·        Scissors

·        A marker

·        A candy cane

·        Jello

·        Water

·        Cups

·        Bubble wrap

·        Optional: Clear-drying school glue and a paintbrush

Here’s What to Do:

1.     Fold the card stock in half.

2.     Draw half a heart, starting at the fold.

Heart crafts
3.     Cut the folded heart out.

4.     Open the heart.

Valentine Card
To make a peppermint scented heart:

1.     Dip the candy cane in a cup of water. Let it start to melt.

Scented paint
2.     Paint over the heart with the candy cane. The red color will transfer onto the paper, like paint.

Holiday Art
3.     Create textures. Your child can use the candy cane to scratch a texture into the ‘paint’ or try something else like pressing bubble wrap onto the heart.

Valentine's Day
4.     Optional: If the dried candy cane Valentine is too sticky to touch, have your child paint a thin layer of clear-drying school glue over it. This seals in the color and keeps the stickiness away.
Children's crafts

To make a Jello Valentine:

1.     Mix a packet of gelatin with a cup of water. The less water that you use, the brighter the color will be. Experiment by adding small amounts of water and seeing how the color changes. If you leave some of the gelatin crystals whole (meaning that they don’t dissolve), the result is a glittery-looking paint.

2.     Paint the gelatin water onto the heart. Your child doesn’t need to use a brush. She can use a piece of bubble wrap to create a pattern and texture.

Kids' artGelatin Paint

When your child is done making her scented holiday hearts, turn them over and write a special message on the back. She can give them to friends or family members as Valentine’s Day cards.

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