Mini Monets and Mommies: Jackson Pollock Art-Viewing, Art-Making and Baking for Kids

Monday, February 23, 2015

Jackson Pollock Art-Viewing, Art-Making and Baking for Kids

Jackson Pollock famous artist activities for kids! These are favorites of mine. I mean, who doesn’t think, “Messy kids’ art” when you look at a Pollock?

Jackson Pollock

Ok, so I’m oversimplifying it. But, how great is it to watch your child let loose and be totally creative – without fear, without worrying that she’ll make a mistake and without getting frustrated because what’s in her hand isn’t coming out of her hands?
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Before breaking out the paints, start with a little art-viewing activity that features the famous artist. Look at one of Pollock’s paintings and talk about what your child is thinking when she sees it. I was fortunate enough to teach in a museum that displays a Pollock, but if your local museum doesn’t, look at a reproduction, put up a poster, take a gander at an art history book or print out a copy to use for this art-viewing activity!

Now, on to the art-making…

Let your little artist get as creative as she wants and try a few different Pollock-style projects. You can do the traditional drip onto a canvas or piece of paper, OR--

1. Pour some tempera paint into a reused plastic fruit container (we used a strawberry container) and then shake it!
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Kids' art

2. Make some ice cubes by freezing food coloring. Take them out of their deep freeze and plop them into colorful cups of water. The splishes and splashes make a Jackson Pollock style paint splatter design. Try red, yellow and blue to add in a bit of color mixing science.
Paint Splatter

3. Bake cupcakes! Yes, cupcakes. I’ve made Monet cupcakes before, so why not Pollock baked goods? Splatter on frosting, sprinkles or food coloring for that famous artist look.
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Are you still looking for more Pollock-themed activities? Check out my printable questions prompts that feature the artist or follow my famous artists Pinterest board!
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  1. What a great way to learn and play at the same time. Personally I love your Jackson Pollock cupcakes :-) thanks for linking #weloveweekends x

  2. these ideas are all great, especially like the ice cubes with food coloring!

  3. these ideas are all great, especially like the ice cubes with food coloring!

  4. Baking and art both are my favorite one. I had to taugt my child about Virtual reality application and that is so tough for him but when I bake something good he can get things more quicker.