Mini Monets and Mommies: Kids' Rain Paint Water Color Art Activity

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Kids' Rain Paint Water Color Art Activity

Water color rain paints were on the agenda today. It was raining all morning, so I thought, “This is perfect!” I gathered together the paper and paints, and then it stopped raining. I love a beautiful sunny day, but it kind of ruined my post plans.

Water color

What could I do about a rainy day art activity for kids when there was no rain? Even though the rain had stopped falling, the puddles remained. So, I dropped the paper in the puddles and then got painting…

Here’s What You’ll Need:

·        White paper

·        Tempera paints

·        Wax paper

Here’s What to Do:

1.     Drop the paper into a puddle. If you want to try this art activity and it’s not raining (or hasn’t rained in days), use a shallow dish of water instead. Thoroughly soak the paper.
Water colors

2.     Bring the paper inside or set up an art station on the ground, a bench or outdoor table.

3.     Put the wet paper on a piece of wax paper.
Paper crafts

4.     Pour a few different colors of paint onto a palette (or use another piece of wax paper – it’s less expensive and works nicely).

5.     Finger paint onto the watery paper. Have your child dip her hands in the tempera and paint it onto the paper. As it mix and mingles with the water, it will spread out. Your child can explore with colors, create an abstract pattern or make an outdoor scene such as a sea scape or summer sunset. If your child is painting outdoors, have her copy what she sees in your backyard. She can create flowers, trees or a grassy area.
Kids' art

6.     Let the paper dry completely.

7.     Peel the dried paper off of the wax paper.
Water paint

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  1. This is such a lovely idea!!!! Pinning it for our next rainy day :-)

  2. What a brilliant activity. I will certainly be trying this out with my daughter. Angela xx

    Angela recently posted "A Princess themed birthday Party"

  3. What a wonderful activity for a wet day! Thanks so much for sharing with this week's #pinitparty. I have pinned.

  4. I never would have thought of doing this. Thanks for always sharing such fun, new and creative ideas! Can't wait to try this again with my daughter and neighbors!

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