Mini Monets and Mommies: S'mores Cookie Ball Truffles No-Bake Treats

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

S'mores Cookie Ball Truffles No-Bake Treats

Ah, Oreo has a new special edition flavor – and it’s s’mores! If you’ve been reading my posts you know that I’m not a baker, adore s’mores and have a thing for making cookie truffle balls. So, when I saw these new little treats while grocery shopping, I couldn’t pass them up (in all honesty, I passed them up a good four or five times, and finally gave in and bought them!).

Oreo truffles

I love, love, looooove just about all of Oreo’s special edition cookies. The cotton candy ones were exactly as I expected (yes, they do taste like cotton candy) and I turned the pumpkin spice ones into Thanksgiving pumpkin pie truffles. It’s almost Memorial Day, so that means it’s time to grill and break out the summer-time campfire. I’m all for making the good old fashioned burnt marshmallow, ooey-gooey, made-on-a-twig s’mores. But, if you want to try something different these cookie balls are for you.

I wasn’t planning on making any sweet treats for a while. I actually had a pretty little post on carnation prints written and ready to go (you can catch that later this week). I also was planning on nixing the sugary treats. Seriously. I have a sweet tooth, but I was thinking of going paleo. I downloaded an app, populated my grocery list, and then totally blew it when I saw the Oreo display. So, as I sit munching on these calorie-packed goodies, I’m realizing that I must go to the gym tomorrow first thing. I’m also realizing that these graham cracker, cream cheese little bits of joy are mini no-bake cheesecakes (they’re also s’mOreos).

On with the no-baking…

Here’s What You’ll Need:

·        Special edition s’mores Oreos

·        6 oz. softened cream cheese

·        Graham crackers

·        Chocolate bars

·        White frosting – It’s supposed to be the ‘marshmallow’ part. You can use marshmallow fluff, but the icing is less sticky and easier to work with. Plus, frosting or marshmallows – they both bring the super-sweet taste.

Here’s What to Do:

1.     Blend the cookies in a food processor.
Dessert Treat

2.     Mix the cookie crumbles with the cream cheese. Don’t be dainty here. Use your hands. It’s really the only way to get a good mix through.
No-bake recipe

3.     Roll the mix into balls. Make them somewhere around a golf ball or donut hole size.

4.     Pop the balls into the freezer for an hour.

5.     Microwave the chocolate for about a minute (microwaves vary, so you may need more or less time). Don’t let the chocolate coil. When you take the chocolate out, the bowl will be hot (and so will the chocolate).

6.     Drizzle the chocolate over the balls with a spoon or roll them through it (again, with a spoon – not to protect yourself from the mess, but from the heat).

7.     Let the chocolate harden.
Chocolate desserts

8.     Coat the outside with icing.
Icing recipe

9.     Blend the graham crackers in the food processor until it is like sand.
S'mores treats

10.   Sprinkle the graham crackers over the icing.

Oreo balls

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  1. This looks delicious! I love s/mores!

  2. I love S'Mores and I think the kids would get a blast out of this. Thank you for sharing!

  3. I put the marshmallow fluff on then dipped in chocolate, yummy.

  4. yummy! Thanks for linking up to Pin Worthy Wednesday

  5. We just had smores this weekend and they are so perfect in summer. I actually had not heard of smores oreos but I think I will pick some up later today on my grocery shopping trip. Thanks for sharing on Merry Monday!