Mini Monets and Mommies: 15 Halloween Kids' Crafts and Art Activities

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

15 Halloween Kids' Crafts and Art Activities

Are you looking for a few fun Halloween kids’ crafts? Of course you are! If you were looking for the top 10 colleges in America or the best new dog hairdos, you probably wouldn’t be here. That said, supposing you’re still on the hunt for anything that’s spooky (in a kid-friendly sense of course) for the October holiday, we’ve got it!
Holiday art

From bat mobiles (literally, and not the vehicle that Batman drives around in), spiders, mummies and haunted houses to anything else Halloween-themed, these are a few of my favorites.
Halloween art


How-To Color Pumpkin Seeds


Glow In the Dark

Mummies and Ghosts

Sea shell


Paint art

If you’re still on the hunt for Halloween activities, check out my fall Pinterest board for ideas!
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