Mini Monets and Mommies: Kids' Fall Tree Finger Paint Art Exploration

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Kids' Fall Tree Finger Paint Art Exploration

It’s autumn and the fall leaves are – well, falling. Celebrate the change in the season with a fun felt kids’ art activity!
Fall art

This easy art-making exploration lets your little artist explore the colors of the fall, make his very own tree and change it up later on (but, that’s for another season). I always enjoy felt art activities. The fact that felt sticks to felt is always fun for the kids and it allows them to ‘do’ for themselves. If you have glue fear (and many parents do), this project is much more manageable than the possibility of your child coating the entire kitchen table in a pool of the sticky stuff. Ok, so this paint project is still somewhat messy. It includes finger painting, so it’s not exactly tidy.

One of the best parts of felt crafts is that your child can easily change them out. He can build fine motor skills while putting the pieces together, problem-solve as he puzzles out the picture and think creatively when he rearranges everything the next time around. Keep in mind, this is only the autumn part of the art activity. Next season I’ll be bringing you a new kids’ tree craft!

Here’s What You’ll Need:
Kids' feltboard

·        Craft felt sheets (one whole sheet to stick the tree onto and another to make the tree parts)

·        Tempera paint in fall colors

·        A paper plate or wax paper (use this as a palette)

·        Scissors

Here’s What to Do:

1.     Pour the tempera onto the paper plate or wax paper. Make quarter-sized pools of red, orange, yellow and/or brown.

2.     Finger paint! Have your child dip his fingers into the paint. Each finger print turns into a fall leaf. Keep going until your child creates a full circle of fall foliage.
Kids' art

Children's crafts

3.     Cut the top of the fall tree out.
Finger Painting

4.     Make a trunk. Ask your child what shape he thinks a tree trunk is. Cut the rectangle from a piece of brown felt.

5.     Puzzle together the fall tree on another piece of felt.
Finger Paint

Save the pieces for later on to create more trees. Your child can use these in other seasons to make winter, spring and summer nature scenes.

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Kids' crafts

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Fall art


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  1. This looks like fun! I always just pull out card stock. We need to do more painting on felt. I would love for you to come by Made for Kids and link this up.

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