Mini Monets and Mommies: 10 Minute Mom Makeover Video Tutorial

Monday, January 4, 2016

10 Minute Mom Makeover Video Tutorial

Here’s a little artistry (makeup artistry, that is) for the mommies out there. Yes, I typically bring you all kinds of crafty things for the kiddos. But, sometimes you just need a few minutes (like ten) for yourself. And that’s where this super-quick ‘makeover’ comes in.

Mom makeover
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Ok, so it’s not exactly a total makeover. It’s more of a freshening up of your face. Let’s start here – I’m not promising to make you into a supermodel. If I had the choice to wake up, look in the mirror and see Chrissy Teigen’s face looking back I would. No amount of makeup is going to get me that. Even so, I really don’t feel that I need to look like I maybe stayed up until 2 a.m. working, got up at 5:30 to feed the dogs and spent the rest of the day chauffeuring my son back and forth to wherever he needs to go.

We’ve all been there. That time when your friend texts and says that she got a sitter, and wants to meet you at the new wine bar in town. You gleefully say. “Yes!” and then look in the mirror and shake your head “NO!!!!!!!!”

Cosmetics makeover
I love makeup, I could spend all day with it. That said, I rarely have the time do anything special. I’m not into the whole ‘glam’ look and I prefer to look like myself – just slightly enhanced. I’m not headed off to a red carpet event and I have better ways to spend an hour than in front of the mirror. With that in mind, my usual routine breaks down to less than 10 minutes. I'm pretty good to go with some powder foundation, blush, eye shadow and mascara. If you’re looking for something similar, check out my easy-to-follow video tutorial. No, you won’t wind up looking like you walked off the cover of Vogue. But, you’ll be good to go out of the house. Next we work on changing up the ponytail and finding something more stylish than yoga pants!



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