Mini Monets and Mommies: Snack Stadium How-To for the Big Game Day

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Snack Stadium How-To for the Big Game Day

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The ‘big game’ is coming up, and football fans across the country are prepping for their parties. I live in a somewhat (maybe that’s an understatement) fanatical football town. So, big game day parties are major events. With that in mind, this year I’m not just putting out a table filled with super snacks. Why not? I’m building a snack stadium.

Game Day
When I told my son that I planned to build one of these party food displays he was, let’s just say – skeptical (he’s a teenager, so he’s pretty sure that everything I do is uncool). That said, he was totally into the actual stadium after it was built.

So, I went out to Walmart and got all of my snack stadium game day essentials. With a few foil pans, some stellar snacks and a little crafting magic, the stadium really took shape. I know, I know – we all have our own personal favorite teams. That’s why I’m not describing a this team vs. that team stadium. Instead, I went with a sweet vs. salty theme. I’m a sweet-loving type of gal, but some of my party guests are more into the salty flavors. With this stadium both types of snack fans are satisfied!

Game day
Before ever breaking ground, I started with a few peg people. Peg dolls are incredibly easy to make and you can get the whole family in on the creative action. Make mini fans that look like your family, friends or even celebs who might be at the big game.

To create stadium fans, you’ll need:

·        Wooden peg dolls (I used small dolls and even smaller pegs – you can also swap in thick popsicle sticks)

·        Pipe cleaners (in team colors)

·        Scissors

·        Markers

·        Modeling clay

Here’s What to Do:

1. Cut the pipe cleaners in half.

2. Starting at the neck, coil the pipe cleaner around the peg to make a warm winter coat.

3. Draw a face onto the head.

4. Model the hair out of clay. We even made one peg fan who apparently dyed his hair to match his team’s colors.
Football fans

Now on to the snack stadium…

Here’s What You’ll Need:

For the frame—

·        1 large-sized rectangle foil  roaster pan

·        2 flat foil broiler pans

·        4 foil loaf pans

·        Labels from the snacks (these will make up the stadium signage)

·        Paper shopping bags (I used these to make a base)

·        Card stock paper and chalk/a pen (for the goals posts and the parking lot – the snack people need parking, right?)

·        Clear tape

Note: Yes, you should use the disposable type of foil pan. You need to bend the pans, so they need to have flexibility.

Now for the snacks:

·        12 12 oz. cans of Pepsi™

·        2 20 oz. bottles of Pepsi™


·        SNICKERS® Minis 40 oz.

·        Skittles® XL 41 oz.

·        TOSTITOS® Scoops

·        TOSTITOS® Original

·        TOSTITOS® Chunky Salsa

·        Chopped fruit of your choice

·        Broccoli florets

·        Sliced cheese of your choice

·        Yogurt – I blended three tablespoons of dark cocoa powder with two cups of plain yogurt to make a candy and fruit dip.

·        Hoagie rolls and/or buns

Here’s What to Do:

1. Cut the paper shopping bags, making them flat. Live your dining table with the bags.

2. Place the foil roaster pan in the center of the table, this will become the football field.

3. Surround the pan with the Pepsi™ cans, spacing them evenly around the outside.

Soda cans
4. Position the broiler pans horizontally and fold the top quarter over to make a shelf. Place one broiler pan on each side of the roaster pan, diagonally. The bottom should touch the outside bottom of the roaster pan and the top should rest on two or three cans of Pepsi™.

5. Positon two of the loaf pans on the ends of the roaster pan. The pans should sit diagonally, with the bottom of the loaf pan touch the top of the roaster one. The other side can rest on the Pepsi™ cans. Add the other two loaf pans to the tops of the Pepsi™ cans.

6. Cut the labels off of the snack products. Line the top sides of the roaster pan with them. Use double-sided tape or make tape looks to make them stick.

7. Cut out a goal post shape from two pieces of card stock paper. Use some of your leftover pipe cleaners to attach one to each bottle of Pepsi™. Place the ‘goal posts’ in the broiler pan, with one on each side.

Snack stage
8. Fill half of the broiler pan with salsa (for the salty side) and have with the yogurt dip (for the sweet side). If you find the two mixing in the middle, fold a pieces of foil into a barrier.

9. Coat the slanted parts of the broiler pans with cheese. Add another layer on top (on the shelf). Make chip seats on one pan and sweet seats (with fruit) on the other. Add your peg people to the seats.

10. Fill the loaf pans on the salsa side with the chips. Add the SNICKERS® Minis to one of the loaf pans on the other side and Skittles® to the top pan.

11. Cut a parking lot from a piece of card stock paper. Draw parking spaces on it. Create candy cars. Press four Skittles® wheels into the sides of SNICKERS® FUN SIZE® bars. Park the cars. Add in a few broccoli trees.

Snack cars
12. Fill in the gaps underneath the stadium (between the cans) with the rolls and add a few rolls to the tops of the remaining cans.
Big game day

That’s it! Now you’re ready for your big game day party with plenty of super snack ideas!



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