Mini Monets and Mommies: DIY Valentine's Day Candy Heart Lip Treatment

Friday, January 15, 2016

DIY Valentine's Day Candy Heart Lip Treatment

Valentine’s Day lip balm? This candy-covered holiday is sweet with all kinds of goodie-filled concoctions. I figured, “Why not make a glossy balm from those cute little candy conversation hearts?” Sounds yummy – right?

Valentine's Day

And, then I got to the first step: Breaking all of those hearts. I tried cutting them (totally not advisable in any way), I tried melting them (it doesn’t work well, and again it is in no way advisable), I tried the cheese grater (nope) and I tried smashing them with the back of a spoon (ok, this one kind of, sort of worked). Even though the spoon smash broke the candy into bits, it was still way too chunky to make a light lip balm out of. You really need more of a very fine powder to make this DIY work.

I had spent more time than I care to admit smashing the hearts, and wasn’t ready to give up just yet. That said, it was entirely clear that a straight out glossy pink heart-made balm wasn’t going to happen. What’s the next best thing? An exfoliating lip treatment! No, you can leave it on your lips – but, it softens, gets the rough skin off and leaves behind a slight sweet scent. And what better for kissing your sweetie on Valentine's Day than super-smooth lips?

Indulge yourself with this beauty treat or pamper a special someone with it. This is a super-easy Valentine’s Day gift for kids to make and give. They can even decorate the container, making it sparkle with holiday love!

Here’s What You’ll Need:

·        Petroleum jelly

·        Candy conversation hearts

·        A small-sized container or mint tin

·        Optional: Sequins and clear-drying school glue

If you want to make the lip treatment tin extra-fancy, glue sequins to the outside. Do not drip any of the glue inside of the tin and do not allow it to touch the exfoliant itself. Another option is to cover the top of the tin with a homemade label that reads, “Happy Valentine’s Day” or, “A Treat for My Sweet.”
Candy heart

Here’s What to Do:

1. Break the hearts. I found the easiest way to do this (again, after trying many, many, many different techniques) was to sandwich the hearts in a paper towel and smash them with the back of a spoon. You don’t need to grind the hearts into powder (and, you probably won’t anyway). Make small bits, similar to exfoliating beads.
Conversation hearts

2. Mix the hearts in a bowl with the petroleum jelly. I used five hearts per two tablespoons of jelly.
Lip Treat

Exfoliate lips

3. Spoon the mix into the tin. Make sure to wash the tin out before adding the lip treatment. If you want a slightly minty tingle to it, use a mint tin and skip the washing step.

Candy Beauty

Even though this is a lip beauty treat, you can also get some smooth hands mileage out of it. While mixing I got plenty of the candy-jelly mix on my fingers. The result? Baby soft hands!

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