Mini Monets and Mommies: 19 Kids' Slime Activities

Thursday, June 9, 2016

19 Kids' Slime Activities

Kids’ slime activities! They’re full of science fun, encourage an artistic sense of imagination and are perfect for sensory play.

Kids' activities

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Slime is relatively easy to make. My favorite recipe includes equal parts clear Elmer’s school glue, liquid starch and water. But, there are tons out there. That’s why I’m bringing you some of the most creative versions that I’ve seen – along with a few of my own!

Kids' science

1. Solar system. It’s got stars, planets and glitter.

Slime recipe

2. Underwater ocean. No planets here. This recipe has fish, sharks and any sea creatures your child can make.

Underwater activity

3. Disco. It sparkles – need we say more?

Disco art

4. Feathers. A super sensory experience for your kiddo.

Feather crafts

5. Alien. If an outer space being had a nasty cold, this is what you’d get.

6. Patriotic. Red, white and blue.

7. LEGO. Brick by brick fun from Lemon Lime Adventures.

8. Sand. Little Bins for Little Hands made this beachy science version.

9. Fluffy and squishy. Oh the sensory fun, courtesy of Sugar Spice and Glitter.

10. Jungle. Go green with this recipe from Buggy and Buddy.

11. Alphabet Fybogel. Adventures of Adam made this letter mixture.

12. Fluorescent. Can I just say that this glowing concoction from Go Science Girls is amazingly awesome?

13. Shampoo. It’s not just for clean hair. Play and Learn Every Day used it to make slime for kids with sensitive skin.

14. Writing tray. Sugar Aunts helps your little one build fine motor skills with this hands-on (literally) activity.

15. Paint. Yep, your child can make art with the ooey, gooey stuff.

16. Googley Eyes. It’s like a puddle of monsters – from Adventures of Adam.

17. Cornflour. It’s a cool ingredient that Learn with Play at Home used.

18. Chocolate. Little Bins for Little Hands made this sweet smelling mix!

19. Bird seed. Sugar Spice and Glitter adds the totally textured ingredient to their activity.

Sparkle craft

Now that you’ve got plenty of ideas to choose from, it’s time to play. Stretch it, squish it or even paint on it (really – your child can finger paint or get the brushes out to decorate flattened slime). Kids' slime activities provide plenty of opportunities to explore, make discoveries and work out those fine motor skills!




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