Mini Monets and Mommies: Halloween Finger Painting with Clay Kids' Art Activity

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Halloween Finger Painting with Clay Kids' Art Activity

Finger painting? In your house? With your ivory walls and bone-colored carpet? Hardly. You want your child to explore and experiment with art. But, honestly, the mess scares you.

Halloween craft

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Hey, there’s no shame in the fact that you want to run the other way, screaming, when your little artist says, “Mommmmmmy! I want to paint. Now!” Seriously, who has time to wipe paint-covered finger prints from their walls, tables, chairs and floors?

Okay, so you’re thinking, “But, aren’t I supposed to let my child explore all things process-based?” Yep. I’m completely for it. I spent the better part of a decade bringing process art activities to parents and children as a museum-based arts educator. That said, as a mom, I totally understand the, “I don’t want that mess in my house” mentality. There were plenty of moms who brought their kids to our museum classes for that exact reason.

Sometimes you really don’t mind the messy art projects. But, even if it’s okay in your house – when you travel to grandma’s or take the kiddos to your in-laws, it might not be. That’s where painting with clay comes into play. Your kids can get a fine motor workout, explore different textures, blend colors and create a ‘finger painting’ without ever actually touching paint. Instead of the typical temperas, you’re going to swap in modeling clay!

Your child can try this art activity on its own. Or, you can add another layer to it and create Halloween art. How? Check out the easy (and almost mess-free) process…

Kids art
Here’s What You’ll Need:

·        Soft modeling clay – I’m not saying you should go into the craft store and unwrap every box of clay. But, I have been known to feel a box or two (or more) of clay. I’ve also returned clay for being way too hard. It shouldn’t feel like a rock. If it does (or won’t spread at all) being it back.

·        Card stock paper or cardboard (cut the side off of a box)

·        Googley eyes

Here’s What to Do:

1. Pull the clay apart into dime-sized pieces. This makes it easier for your child to spread.

2. Finger paint! Your child can press the clay (piece by piece) onto the board. Then, she can use her fingers to spread it out. Add more colors to mix and blend them.

Kids' crafts
3. Press googley eyes into the clay, making a monster masterpiece for Halloween.

Children's art
Call it a monster, a ghost or whatever you want – it’s artsy Halloween fun!


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