Mini Monets and Mommies: Kids' Nature Art Activity: Painting With Plants!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Kids' Nature Art Activity: Painting With Plants!

Painting with plants? This kids' art activity is the perfect way to celebrate spring. You might scowl when your child comes home with the knees of his brand new jeans covered in the tell-tale green scribbles of grass stains, but you can use this natural marker to your artsy advantage. Whether you’re just looking for a natural way to create a craft or you’re fresh out of temperas (and who wants to pack the kids up and trek to the craft store to spend your hard earned money anyway?), your own backyard can become an art supply treasure trove.

Nature activity

I grabbed a handful of grass, picked a quickly wilting tulip and pulled some of those uber-invasive dandelions to make an abstract art activity.

What You’ll Need:

Kids' activity
·         Colorful natural items such as grass and flower heads

·         White paper

What You’ll Need To Do

1.      Hit the backyard and pick a fistful of grass, deface some dandelions or grab some freshly fallen flower petals. You’ll need vibrant or bold items to make the color transfer.

2.      Have your child “draw” or “finger paint” with the natural items on plain white paper.

Art project
3.       Even though it may seem like grass stains magically appear with almost no effort on your kiddo’s clothes, they actually take some muscle to make.  Your child will need to gather together a bunch of blades (of grass, that is) and push them across the paper. Dandelions and flowers are much easier to transfer the color.

Nature art
4.      If your child wants to go beyond an abstract artwork (even though his mini masterpiece may rival some of the contemporary pieces that you may see in a gallery), he can fill in a simple marker or crayon drawing with colorful plant life. Have him draw the outlines of a design, and then push the plant color on the paper in the same way that he would fill in a coloring page.

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  1. I love this creative idea! I will store this away for when my little boy gets older. What age do you think would enjoy this activity? 4-8 year olds?

  2. Wow, this is awesome and so unique! Looks like lots of fun and a great way to spark creativity in little ones.

  3. How cute is this idea! found you on crafty moms blog party, and so glad I stopped by!
    I blog about my travels, and hope you will drop by for a visit!

  4. This is a fun idea! Especially as the flowers are just starting to grow in our yard!

  5. How fun! Love this. So fun! If would be fun to do a series of pictures, one for each season. Although winter could be a challenge!

  6. We have pounded flowers to make prints, but we haven't tried just painting with them! Great idea!

  7. Totally going to try this this weekend!

  8. Oh, how fun!! We will have to give this a try. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!

  9. Love this! So easy & low-prep :)
    I am definitely going to try this with my boys this week!