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Friday, October 10, 2014

Halloween Spider Kids' Paint Print Art

Halloween is still a few weeks away, and I’m almost all crafted out. We’ve made glitter ghost puppets, bat mobiles, bat silhouettes and even a haunted house puppet theater. So, I was thinking of doing something super simple. These paint print spiders are easy-to-make, but will still spark your child’s creativity.

Glitter Spiders
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This isn’t just a themed fall art activity. Add another layer and turn it into a math or science lesson. Your child can:

·        Count the spider’s legs

·        Add four legs on one side of the spider to four legs on the other side, and get eight.

·        Discuss spiders- They are “arachnids”, have eight legs, spin webs and have six joints in each leg.

·        Predict what will happen to the paint when she presses it down onto the paper.

·        Mix colors of paint to create a new shade.
Paint print

You can also read a book about spiders together. Some titles to try are:

·        Spiders by Gail Gibbons

·        The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle

·        Sophie’s Masterpiece: A Spider’s Tale by Eileen Spinelli and Jane Dyer

·        National Geographic Readers: Spiders by Laura Marsh

Now that your child is read to make some art –

Here’s What You’ll Need:

·        Card stock or construction paper

·        Tempera paint

·        Cotton balls

·        Glitter

·        Pipe cleaners

·        Googley eyes

·        Clear-drying school glue

Here’s What to Do:

1.     Pour at least two colors of paint onto a palette. Instead of spending on an actual palette, I like to use wax paper. You can have your child mix two or more colors together to make her own special hue.

Kids' paint
2.     Sprinkle a pinch of litter or two into the paint.

Kids' Crafts
3.     Dip a cotton ball into the glitter paint.

Sparkle art
4.     Press the cotton ball onto the paper to make the spider’s body.

Cotton craft
5.     Bend a pipe cleaner about one-fourth of the way up.

6.     Dip the bent part of the pipe cleaner into another paint color.

Glitter project

7.     Press the paint-covered part of the pipe cleaner onto the paper, starting at the spider’s body.

Tempera crafts
8.     Repeat the leg printing part another seven times to make eight total. 
Children's Halloween

9.     Glue the googley eyes on.
Paint Print
10. Repeat, making more spiders in different color combinations.

Holiday paint
Spider art
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  1. This is fantastic! Wax paper...genius! Thanks for the tip.

  2. This is a cute idea. My daughter loves using glitter with anything she can.

  3. This is so cute. I think we might be making them next week.

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