Mini Monets and Mommies: Famous Artist Collage Activity for Kids: Van Gogh

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Famous Artist Collage Activity for Kids: Van Gogh

Looking for a famous artist activity for your child to try today? One of my favorite artworks to look at with kids (when I used to teach children’s museum art classes) was Van Gogh’s “The Plain of Auvers”. Maybe it was textures, the colors or the whirly, swirly clouds – I don’t really know. But, the children always seemed to connect with it.
Art lesson

Before creating, take a few minutes to look at the painting and talk about it. So, here you go. Turn the laptop around and show this Van Gogh painting to your child. Ask a few open ended questions such as, “What do you think is going on?” or, “How do you think the artist made this?”.  

Famous Artist
Now, it’s time for the art-making. A while ago I posted a clay landscape art activity based on this artwork. This time, it’s more of a patchwork collage. Keep in mind, it doesn’t have to look like the Van Gogh painting – it’s just inspired by it. Each panel of the collage should represent a different landscape or natural item. Easy. Basically, grassy fields and flowers!

Here’s What You’ll Need:

·        1 12x18-inch or larger piece of poster board or foam (we used a piece of craft foam)

·        Clear-drying school glue

·        Craft foam

·        Scissors

·        Model magic – the plain white kind

·        Oil pastels

·        Felt

·        Card stock paper

·        Tissue paper

Here’s What to Do:

1.     Cut the card stock paper into rectangles. Make them index card-sized or larger.

2.     Create different panels. Your child can try:

Craft foam shape landscapes: Cut shapes from the foam and glue it onto the card stock or a similarly sized piece of foam.
Kids' Activity

Model magic flowers: Mold and press the model magic onto the card stock. Color it with oil pastels.

Kids' art
Felt flowers: Cut pieces of felt into shapes and glue them to the card stock or another piece of felt. Your child can also add embellishments with tissue paper.

Felt art
Tissue garden: Cut or tear tissue paper. Paint a layer of glue across a piece of card stock. Crumble the tissue into balls, and press it onto the glue.

Kids' crafts

Flower Project
Oil pastels: Your child can use the oil pastels to blend a colorful grassy area or a farm field.

Kids' drawing
3.     Glue the panels onto the poster board or foam.

4.     Add flowers or plants to the blank spaces. Cut stems from the felt and glue on tissue as petals.
Kids' crafts

Are you looking for more Van Gogh themed activities? Check out my printable art-viewing activity page.


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  1. These are great ideas, and so creative too - sure my kids would have loved this. Thanks so much for linking this up to the 100th parenting pin it party.

  2. What a wonderfully creative art lesson! Thanks for linking up at the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop! We hope you stop by again next week!

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  5. These are great ideas, and so creative too - sure my kids would have loved this. Thanks so much for linking this up to the 100th parenting pin it party.
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