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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Karate Board Chalkboard Paint Kids' Art Activity

A few months ago I got my first kids’ art activity question. It was all very exciting! A reader asked if I knew of a good way for her to paint her child’s broke boards (from karate) with chalkboard paint. Like the reader, I too have crazy amounts of broken boards at home (both my son and I are second degree black belts). While the boards have kind of made their home in my storage ottoman (with the excess spilling over into the garage, basement and anywhere else I can stash them), I have finally gotten around to trying out the chalkboard paint on them. So, if you have a karate kid of your own, reuse those broken boards with this super-simple craft!

Martial arts activity

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Last year we used this type of paint to make Eastereggs (obviously, you can’t eat those). This time I went with Martha Stewart Multi-Surface Chalkboard paint in black. It’s an acrylic craft paint, and it seemed fitting for this project. Honestly, in all of my years of art-making this is the first time that I’ve used a Martha Stewart product. I have to say -- I absolutely loved it. It went on evenly, completely covered the wood and washed off surprisingly well. I’m all for messy kid’s art, so I don’t mind getting paint all over the place. After finishing this project, I had just about as much chalkboard paint on my hands as I did on the boards. With a little soap and water it completely washed off. This is kind of amazing for a dark color of paint.

When you’re done with your karate board paint project you can simply use them as is. Keep them around to make chalk drawings, wipe them clean and reuse them every day. They make excellent take and travel art activities that you can bring to grandmas or take to the park on a playdate. You can also hang them on the wall to write messages on or the family’s schedule.
Kids' crafts

Don’t forget where these mini chalkboards came from. Along with drawing on them, use the chalk to write current karate goals. Maybe your child wants to pass his next test with flying colors or maybe he is trying to a master a new skill. Whatever his goals are, they may change. This makes a chalkboard ideal for writing them down on. When he reaches a goal, erase the chalk and write a new one!

And now on to the art…

Here’s What You’ll Need:

·        Broken boards

·        Sand paper

·        Chalkboard paint

·        A paintbrush

·        Chalk

Here’s What to Do:

1.     Sand the side of the board that you plan on using. I skipped this step the first time and got loads of little bumps and splinters in the paint.
Wood art

2.     Paint the board. Let it dry for at least one hours.
Karate board

3.     Recoat the board. Let it dry overnight.
Kids' crafts

4.     Draw on your new chalkboard!
Kids' art

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  1. They look great! A good idea to use up all those broken boards! :) x

  2. Thanks for sharing at #WeLoveWeekends - these came out great! I have yet to try chalkboard paint - this is inspiring me to try something soon!

  3. great idea!! Thanks for sharing at our Facebook Share Day!

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