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Friday, November 7, 2014

3-D Thanksgiving Turkey Craft for Kids

Thanksgiving is coming up and I’m loving thinking up crafty ways to make turkey art activities! We have quite a lot of wild turkeys roaming through my neighborhood (seriously, I saw one walking into the drive-through door of the carwash – I guess he needed a bath). They aren’t the prettiest of creatures. That said, creating turkey art poses some issues.
Kids' sculpture

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Do you really want your preschooler making a realistic turkey? I can almost guarantee you that it won’t be anything that you’ll want to display at your holiday dinner. Instead, why not make a cuddly, cute looking little Thanksgiving pal?

I was about to toss an egg carton when it occurred to me that I could reuse it to make a 3-D turkey craft. Let your child get in touch with texture, shape and form during this holiday-inspired art activity.
Turkey art

Here’s What You’ll Need:

·        A cardboard egg carton

·        Scissors

·        Tempera or washable kids' paint

·        A paintbrush

·        Cotton balls

·        Clear-drying school glue

·        Googley eyes

·        Card stock paper

Here’s What to Do:

1.     Cut the egg carton so that you have two compartments and a divider together. Each compartment will become an eye, and the divider will become the beak.
Reuse Art

2.     Cut a larger section of at least four compartments to make the body.
Reuse carton

3.     Pour paint into the remaining egg carton compartments. Use fall colors such as yellow, brown, orange and red.
Paint cady

4.     Mix the paint into custom turkey colors. Your child can use the extra egg compartments to mix in.

5.     Paint the inside of the egg carton. Add a bit of orange on the divider for the beak.
Kids' crafts

Children's activities

6.     Let the paint dry.

7.     Dab glue onto the bottom of the egg carton pieces. Press the glue onto a piece of card stock paper.
Recycled project

8.     Glue one cotton ball in each “eye” compartment. Attach one googley eye to each cotton ball using glue.
Googley eyes

9.    Cut a piece of red card stock paper into an amoeba shape to make the turkey's waddle. Fold the end under and glue it under the head.
Thanksgiving Art

10. Create the feathers. This is messy fun for your child! Dip a cotton ball into one of the paint pools (use the tempera that is leftover from paining the egg carton). Press another cotton ball into the first one, sharing the paint.
Colorful craftsTempera paint

Fine Motor

11. Glue the cotton balls onto the paper on the sides of the body. Repeat the painting and gluing process for as many feathers as your child wants to make.
Holiday craft

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  1. Haha! That's FANTASTIC! I've definitely never seen one of those before!
    #Parentingpinitparty - pinning it right away:-)

  2. Love this! Specially since it's made from egg cartons! :) Thank you for sharing on Tots at Play linky!

    1. Thanks, and you're welcome! I had a ton of cardboard egg cartons sitting around for some reason. It seemed to work perfectly.

  3. What an adorable turkey craft! Thanks for sharing another great idea on our Facebook share day. :)

  4. Now i know what to do with this egg cartoons!
    thank you for linking up with the #pinitparty