Mini Monets and Mommies: Chocolate and Pretzel Cookie Truffles

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Chocolate and Pretzel Cookie Truffles

I can’t even begin to express my emotions when it comes to Oreo truffles. They just make me happy. After the billionth ad for these cute little cookie bites that seemed to smack me in the face (they were splattered all over my local grocery store’s aisles), I finally decided to try them. Wow!!! I’m not adept at making anything remotely cakey. That said, these were a breeze.
Truffle Oreos

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Firstly, they don’t involve an oven. Perfect for me, and perfect if you have your little chef in the kitchen with you. Secondly, you can really get creative with how you dress them up. The other day I made pumpkin pie truffles (using the special edition pumpkin spice Oreos). This time I went with the standard double stuffs covered in – wait for it… chocolate and pretzels. Yum! I also add a thin layer of peanut butter to a few. It’s sweet, salty and super-duper scrumptious.

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To make the basic cookie balls you’ll need:

·        1 package of Oreos

·        6 oz. of cream cheese

·        1 large or family-sized chocolate bar

·        Wax paper

Here’s What You’ll Do:

1.     Crush the Oreos in a food processor. Keep them crumbling until they look like fine dirt (a fun description for the kids!).

Oreo cookies
2.     Empty the cookie bits into a large mixing bowl. Add the cream cheese. Blend it together. Use your freshly washed hands. A spoon may seem neater, but you really need to blend the two ingredients together. As an added bonus, it’s a great sensory exploration for your child. Tell her to keep mixing until the cookies and cream cheese feel like wet sand.

3.     Create balls. Make these the size of toy bouncy balls. Set them on a piece of wax paper.

4.     Pop the cookie balls into the freezer for one hour.

Before you take the cookie mix out of the freezer, get the coating ready. Toss a few handfuls of pretzel sticks into the food processor.

Melt the chocolate. Here’s the easy way to do this: Put the chocolate bar in a microwave-safe bowl. Microwave it for roughly one minute. Continue checking on it to make sure that it doesn’t burn. Microwave ovens vary in terms of power. You may need to add or subtract time for this. When you take the bowl out of the microwave it will be hot. Use oven mitts and don’t touch the chocolate.

Take the Oreo balls out of the freezer. Roll them in the chocolate. Use a spoon to coat them (so you don’t have to touch the hot chocolate) or insert a toothpick in to dip them.

Sprinkle the pretzel bits over the chocolate. Roll the truffles in the rest of the pretzel pieces to fully coat them.

Salty Dessert
Cookie balls
If you want to add another layer, coat the chocolate-covered cookie balls with peanut butter. Sprinkle the pretzels on top of the peanut butter.
Cookie treat

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  1. ok, can I tell you my mouth wants one of these or a hundred of them RIGHT NOW! I can't wait to get to the store to buy what's needed to make these, yumm-O! Pinned from over at the Ultimate Pinterest Party!

  2. Erica, I made these tonight thanks to your post and they were Y U M M Y! I think I made the balls a bit big but they were still SO good! I could have kept eating and had to find my will power!

    1. I'm so glad that you enjoyed them! It is hard to keep from eating them all. I had to hide them from myself for a while.

  3. Looks delicious ! I want to give a try.Thank you for linking up at Bloggers Brags.I pinned this to bloggers brags pinterest board. We would love to see you again next monday.