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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Rainbow Art for Black Friday Sale Day!

Black Friday is on the horizon and there will be sales galore (many of them starting on or even before Thanksgiving itself)! Even though you may enjoy the deals that the shopping festivities have in store, will your child be equally as pleased? When she gets the gifts she will be, but she won’t feel that giddy sense of glee as you drag her from store to store.
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Instead of bringing your child on your shopping excursion, let her stay home with dad, a sitter or grandma. Turn Black Friday into a rainbow of activities with an imaginative array of art projects. These crafting adventures won’t just occupy your child while you’re away (and the rest of the family is still in a post-Thanksgiving turkey stupor). They will help to build color recognition skills, work out her fine motor abilities and let her get creative!
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Fall Leaf Finger Paint:
Finger Paint

Bring in a few fall leaves and let your child create a rainbow with them! This is super-messy, but also super-fun.

Frozen Color Mixing:

Frozen Paint
Combine science and art in this primary to secondary color mixing activity. Your child can explore how two colors make a new one as well as scientific concepts such as states of matter.

Pink and Purple Paint Print:

Print Project
Learning letters, sounds and colors together! What could be better? Sand, it’s a creatively messy art activity that allows your child to investigate how she can make paint prints using different objects.

Red Collage:

Dr. Seuss Art
This mixed-media collage is based on one of my favorites – My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss. You can also use this book for plenty of other colorful collage and paint projects.

Glitter Craft

Clay, glitter and smiles. This easy art project encourages your child to play with clay, “finger painting” with it. Add in a hint (or more than a hint) of glitter for a sparkling good time.

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