Mini Monets and Mommies: Chalkboard Paint Easter Eggs

Friday, April 18, 2014

Chalkboard Paint Easter Eggs

I’ve always thought that chalkboard paint was a genius idea. I mean, who doesn’t absolutely love the thought of making a chalkboard anywhere that you want? When I saw a cute Easter egg decorating kit that came complete with mini containers of chalkboard paint and colorful paints I thought, “I have to get this!.”

Kids crafts

Admittedly, my son is – who is 12 now – is tired of the good old dip and dye eggs. He probably tired of them a few years ago, but I’ve continued to buy food coloring, vinegar and eggs every year for him to dye. While there are countless cool ways to color eggs, I thought that the chalkboard paint ones were different enough from the norm for my son to try. While these proved simple enough for a young child, they have so many possibilities almost any kid (or adult for that matter) could enjoy this crafty Easter activity.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

·         Eggs

·         Chalkboard craft paint

·         Colorful chalk

·         Paintbrush

·         Pin

Here’s What to Do:

1.      Prep your eggs. Hard boiling them isn’t really necessary – you aren’t going to eat these ones (please don’t eat the chalkboard paint-covered eggs). Poke a pin hole (do this step yourself) through each end of the egg. Blow through one hole, holding the other side downward over your sink. The egg will run out the bottom. Drip some water through and repeat this step to clean the egg out.

2.      Coat the egg in the chalkboard paint. Let the egg fully dry before you continue. Instead of getting paint all over yourself and smudging the egg, wait until the egg looks matte (and not so shiny).

Children's craft
3.      Let your child have free reign coloring the egg with the chalk. Keep in mind that the delicate egg is only a mere shell now, and can break easily. This is a lesson in self-control for your little one. She will need to press gently with the chalk if she doesn’t want to crack the egg.

Kids' chalk

While your young artist can draw whatever she sees fit onto the chalkboard paint Easter eggs, here are a few ideas if she’s having trouble getting started:

·         Scribbles: Perfect for younger kids who are still in the making marks stage.

·         Letter egg: Have your child draw her first letter or make one egg for each letter of her name. Line the letter eggs up after she’s done to display.

·         Easter: Duh. This is a no-brainer for an Easter egg. Bunnies, chicks or even other Easter eggs are all up for grabs in this theme.

·         Faces: two eyes, one nose, one mouth – and you’ve got a cute and colorful Easter egg face.

·         Prints and patterns: Your child can make zig-zags, swirls, stripes or polka dots.

·         Spring: Flowers or trees say spring, using fresh and bright hues.

·         Weather: What’s the weather like today? Have your child make different eggs for different types of weather. Include a sunshine, cloud, rain drop or rainbow.