Mini Monets and Mommies: Kids' Art Activity Prep

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Kids' Art Activity Prep

Before you start any even somewhat messy art activity, you'll need to prep the work space. While there are plenty of options for art activity prep -- I prefer layering a newspaper over a garbage as an approach. Using newspaper on its own won't cut it if you're child is painting, using paper mache or doing any project that involves a wet, watery process.

Kids' crafts

Check out this video tutorial to see easy-to-follow prep steps.

Here are a few of my other tips and tricks:

  • Use foam board. It's thick, it has a smooth surface that you can easily brush off and it's fairly inexpensive. Buy a large sheet, use it for your child's crafting and save the rest as a scrap surface protector.
  • Bins, bins, bins! Throwing a bunch of arts and crafts materials into a random pile may look as appealing as tossing four or five different foods into the same bowl and serving them to your child. Think about how you separate food on your child's dinner plate, and do the same with her art materials. While prepping for crafting, place each material into a bin, container or in its own pile.
  • Set everything out beforehand. Half-way through that paper mache project isn't the time to realize that you had wanted to give your child a few other colors of paper to use. Create a checklist before the activity starts, making sure that you have everything that your child will need.
  • Encourage your child to help. This is her art activity! Let her take ownership by choosing items to use and getting them ready.
  • Place like or connected items near each other. For example, place water cups near the paints.


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