Mini Monets and Mommies: Easter Tissue Paper Art

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Easter Tissue Paper Art

Whether you’re looking or a cute Easter craft or simply want to celebrate spring, get hopping and try out this tissue paper mock stained glass project. If Easter (or spring, for that matter) has come and gone, adapt the art-making to fit another theme. You’re going to use a subtractive technique, creating a negative space border for your child to fill with colorful tissue paper. This means that the border can look like the outline of a bunny, chick, egg, flower or just about anything else your little one’s imagination can think up.

Buny craft

What You’ll Need:

·         Two pieces of card stock or construction paper

·         Scissors

·         Clear plastic cling wrap

·         Tissue paper

·         Paintbrush

·         School glue

·         Marker or crayon


1.      Pick a theme – such as bunny, egg or tree.

Children's drawing
2.      Help your child to draw an outline of the chosen object or item on a piece of 8-by-10-inch  paper.

Cut Out
3.      Cut the center of the drawing out, leaving the shaped border. This step may be tricky for little hands to master (especially if you are using thick paper). You can poke the edge of a pair of scissors through the center of the drawing and cut up to the line for your child. Let her take over – using kids’ safety scissors – and cut along the shape.

4.      Put the cut paper on top of the other whole sheet. Trace the drawing, and then help your child to cut it out.

5.       Hand-tear or cut the tissue paper into squares or rectangles.
Kids' crafts

6.     Tear off two pieces of plastic wrap, matching the size of the paper. If this is too tricky for your little one to handle, tear off one long sheet that you can fold over. Follow the directions below for half of the plastic wrap sheet, and then fold the second half over like a book to enclose the tissue.

7.      Place one piece of plastic wrap flat on your work surface. Pour a golf ball-sized pool of glue onto the center of the wrap. Spread the glue out with a paintbrush.

8.      Press the tissue paper, collage-style, onto the glue. Encourage you young artist to overlap the edges or vary the angles of the tissue paper shapes.

9.       Brush another layer of glue over the tissue paper.

10.   Gently place the other piece of plastic wrap over the glue-covered tissue. Press down firmly.
Holiday art

11.   Turn the shape cut border over. Draw glue lines on the back of the paper.

12.   Line the plastic wrap-tissue paper collage up with the glue-covered paper. Press the wrap down onto the glue. If there are any pieces that stick out past the paper, cut the wrap/tissue off. Turn the project over so that the paper is facing down.

13.   Turn over the second cut piece of paper and repeat the glue step.

14.   Firmly press the paper, glue-side down, onto the other side of the tissue paper project. Try to line up this piece with the one on the other side, sandwiching in the plastic wrap-covered tissue paper.
Holiday art

After the tissue paper project dries, hang it on a sunny window and let the light shine through!
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  1. Si simple but works! Will try to do this with my son. Will probably use magazine cutouts as we dont have colored tissues =) #PinItParty

  2. Love this, so easy for little ones, and they can be as creative as they like! Thanks for linking up to this weeks Parenting Pin it Party

  3. Oh wow! This is super cute and very creative!

    Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!

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