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Monday, April 28, 2014

Model Magic: Colorful Clay Creations

Model Magic (Crayola makes it) is one of my favorite materials. Not just a favorite for kids, but I also enjoy playing with the easily moldable, stretchy stuff. As my 12-year-old son says, “It’s like soft as a marshmallow, but it like stays together!” Last week I posted on how to use this super artsy stuff to create a letter “M” artwork. I’m going to backtrack a bit and provide this simple how-to on create a rainbow of hues using the white version of the modeling compound. While you can buy the stuff in almost every color imaginable at your local arts and crafts store, your little artist can concoct her own uber-unique shades. She can also make marbleized patterns and multi-colored creations.

Clay letters

There are two basic ways to go: Color the model magic before your craft or wait until after. If you’re going the before route:

Children's crafts

·         Use markers. Yes, they are messy. And yes, they will get all over your child’s hands. But, isn’t a lot of fun worth a little mess! Smoot out the modeling compound, making a flat pizza dough-like sheet. Add color with the markers, covering the entire sheet in one shade or make stripes/blocks of different hues. Flip the “magic” over (use a piece of cardboard underneath to avoid smearing markers all over your table) and color the back. Twirl, swirl, blend and mash the colors together.

Colorful crafts
·         Use non-colorfast tissue paper. Aside from Model Magic, my second favorite art material is bleeding tissue paper. It has that “wow” factor when the color comes off and changes whatever is underneath it a new shade. Wet a dark or bold color of tissue (if it says color-fast, do not use it). Wrap the wet tissue around a ball of Model Magic, press down to transfer the color and then remove. As it dries the color will stick. You can also add a piece of dry tissue, and then place a wet paper towel on top to soak through.

Tissue Paper

·         Oil pastels: The oily nature of these drawing tools makes it easy to spread across the surface. Use it in a similar way to markers.

·         Food coloring. Work a drop or two of food coloring in to go from white to bold!

Rainbow colors
If you want to wait until after the crafting is over:

·         Again, use markers. This is super simple and easy to do. Just color on the Model Magic. This works well for adding facial features, spots or stripes or even drawing letters.

·         Paint the project. Use a thin paintbrush to add color on top, after the compound is dry, or while it’s still drying.

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