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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring Art: Tissue Paper Flower Vase

Celebrate spring with an easy art activity! If you have more than a few empty plastic milk jugs sitting around, or in the recycling bin, pick one up and transform it into a faux flower-covered vase. This creative kids’ craft gives you little one the chance to learn about colors and the spring season, all while exploring textures. Use the finished project to hold fresh-cut flowers or as a planter. Add another layer of learning and plant a seed or sprouting plant in the “vase”. Spend the next few weeks (or months) watching it grow.

Tissue Paper

Bonus alert: If you’re looking for a cute present that your child can give grandma on Mother’s Day or want her to help you make an Easter table centerpiece, this craft fits the bill.

What You’ll Need:

·         Thoroughly washed and dried gallon milk jug. Please get all of the milk out before you start this art activity. No one likes dried, crusty milk in their cutesy craft.

·         Tissue paper

·         Kids’ safety scissors

·         Clear drying school glue

·         Paintbrush

·         Marker

·         Masking tape

What to Do:

1.      After you’ve washed and dried your plastic milk jug, cut the top half of. I can’t stand the thought of telling an adult to “do” part of a project for a child, but I’m also an uber-overprotective mommy. You will need to poke the end of a pair of real, adult scissors (not your child’s safety scissors) through the center side of the milk jug. Cut around the jug until you have two parts. If you’re cutting is more diagonal than not, use a marker to draw a line beforehand.

2.      Don’t worry too much about an uneven cut at the top of the jug. Fold a piece of masking tape over the cut edge to make it smoother.

3.      Have your child tear the tissue paper into hand-sized (her hand, not yours) pieces. She can either cut the paper or use her fingers to rip it. Use this opportunity to introduce shapes such as squares and rectangles, asking her to make geometric cuts.

4.      Turn the plastic jug on its side. Dab a golf ball-sized pool of glue onto the outside of the jug. Have your child “paint” it across the side with the brush.

5.      Show you child how to crumple and ball the tissue to make the faux flowers. Help her to press the flowers into the glue.

6.      Turn the milk jug and repeat the process. You’ll need to stand it up at some point. If not, you’ll run the risk of smooshing some of the flowers.

Spring vase
Don’t have a plastic milk jug? Try this art activity with a plastic soda bottle or paper milk carton.

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  1. Looks cute, and I bet my kids could do it themselves, which is a bonus!

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