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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Frozen Chalk Finger Painting

Chalk finger paints for kids? While it might conjure up memories of your second grade teacher scraping it across the black board, the colorful kinds have an awesome array of artsy uses. Your kids can dip them in water (plain or mixed with sugar) to create vivid colors, they can mash it up and mix it with vegetable oil to make finger paints, they can use it straight out of the box to create graffiti-like sidewalk art or they can … freeze it.

Frozen paint
“Freeze it?” you say. Yep, go ahead and freeze it. Well, technically you don’t want to just throw random pieces of chalk into the freezer. You can, but this is much more fun!

Here’s What You’ll Need:

·         Colorful chalk

·         A plastic bag

·         An ice cube tray

·         Paper

Here’s What to Do:

1.      Crush up the chalk. Starting with teeny tiny pieces that are already far along on their way to becoming dust is the easiest way to go. If you don’t have super-small chalk bits, break the whole sticks apart. Put them (one at a time gives you a solid color, or you can add two to mix them) into a plastic bag, tie it tightly and either hit it with a shoe or something hard, smack it off of a hard surface or throw it on the concrete patio outside. As a bonus, this step can help both you and your child (if you take turns) get out any frustrations and release stress.

Kids' crafts

Colorful Chalk
2.      Sprinkle the chalk into an ice cube tray. Use one color in each compartment or layer a few different hues.

3.      Add water to the chalk and freeze.

4.      Pop the frozen cubes out. Take them outside on a sunny day or let the warmth of your child’s hand warm them, and encourage her to paint on a piece of paper. As the ice melts it will leave behind the chalky color.

Kids' Art

Ice Paint
5.      Optional: Try different types of paper such as water color paper or tissue.

Finger Paint
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  1. This looks like fun! I am going to try this with my daughter this summer. We love playing with chalk. She will LOVE playing with these colorful ice cubes!

  2. This is a great summer activity that the kids can do outside and make a huge mess if they want too. Thanks for sharing on Merry Monday.